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Mom loses womb

This is a warning to all girls who take abortions as a measure of birth control. It could be illegal but it is also dangerous. My mom tried very hard to see that my pregnancy was terminated but after getting defeated, the doctors told my aunt that my moms womb was torn and it was rotting away. In fact it was becoming cancerous and had to be extracted immediately before it caused more harm. “We need consent of her next of kin to carry out the operation… probably her husband.”


‘Even if she is put on medication,” my aunt said when we were alone. ‘Her uterus will not heal.’ ‘Whitney your mother is in the most critical situation. I’m not supposed to tell you this because she is not yet told either. I know she will protest the decision but she has no choice. The doctor needs her consent but even that of your father is  important even though your mum may not like that. She has to be operated.’ and very fast.

My aunt moved closer to me and felt my stomach. ‘Whitney! She called me and I saw that tears were forming in her eyes as she grappled with how well she could phrase what she wanted to tell me. ‘Abortion is a dangerous act. I don’t know which doctor your mother used to terminate her pregnancy.’ I was looking at her puzzled like I couldn’t believe what she was saying. ‘The doctor who aborted her baby damaged her womb badly.” Alpha and Omega clinic have no choice but to get permission to save my sister’s life by extracting it.’ I still did not understand.

‘Listen Whitney, you have to observe maximum secrecy on whatever discoveries you have made about your mom to your dad. He will not want to hear that your mother is capable of aborting his children. She’s not only in trouble but also in danger. When she loses her womb, she will not have children again and if your dad finds out that she just aborted, he may separate with her which will not be good.’

I became afraid. Aunt Robinah kept calling my mother’s aborted pregnancy my dad’s baby and I couldn’t remember that mother confessed it was Timothy’s child. If blood is thicker than water, for the first time I was feeling sorry for poor mother. I did not think she deserved to lose her womb.

‘When your mother wakes up, the doctor is going to tell her. I beg you to pretend I haven’t told you about her situation.’ I felt like crying but my aunt consoled me. She told me I had to be strong for my mother’s sake.

What happened next?



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