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Moving Tale of The Frustrated Diplomats Daughter

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Moving Tale of The Frustrated Diplomats Daughter

Shock as my mum is admitted

Hello readers, I hope you’re fine. Comrades, there’s a proverb that says; “You can run but you cannot hide.” A lot of things happen in our lives but never get to be known but there is always a moment when you cannot hide them any more.

You may ask yourself why I’m telling you this. Last week I told you of how my mum decided to send me to the well at night luckily for me I met my friends Sarah and Ronnie. They took me to their house and gave me water.

I was lucky none of the two saw my bulging stomach and so there were no questions. The public holiday ended and they went back to school without knowing what had happened to me.

A few more days went by and what was now known as my mother’s healing process turned out to be a calamity. She got some sharp pains one night like she had terrible ulcers. Thank God for my auntie’s presence. My sister always resented her but here was a situation that made her shout to her for help like she was some god.

‘Robinah! Robinah help.’ She cried out and I sat upright  in my bed wondering whether thieves had broken into our house and into my mother’s bedroom. I heard Aunt Robinah pull open her door to enter into the master bedroom. Then suddenly Aunt Robinah shouted out my name. Before I could make a move, I heard her asking me to call Opio. She asked me whether he could drive. Aunt Robinah knew how to drive but she wanted to give her sister care in the backseat of the car on their way to the hospital.

Opio said he wasn’t very good at driving and besides he hadn’t secured a driving license. Aunt Robinah had no choice but to drive us to Alpha and Omega Christian Clinic in Natete. It worked 24hours.

It was a very expensive and modern facility of the days. I tended to my mother in the backseat on our way to the hospital and she was like a baby on my laps.

She wasn’t the woman who mistreated me badly. She would direct my hands to hold her firmly on the stomach where it hurt the most. She felt relieved whenever I massaged it.

At the clinic, Aunt Robinah told the doctor that she thought my mom had ulcers. The doctor listened to mother explaining her pains. He looked a bit confused. He asked his assistant to help the lady into the examination room. Tests were done as she was given some medication. The doctor told us mother needed to be admitted. He took Aunt Robinah a few steps away where he thought I could not hear what he was teling her in a low voice.

‘We have discovered that your sister carried out an abortion and the operation was not properly done.’ He looked at me but I pretended not to hear him. ‘Let us retain her for the night and see how she will be tomorrow. We’re admitting her and when the scans are out in the morning, we shall be in position to know how to handle her case.

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