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Winning a celebrity’s heart

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Winning a celebrity’s heart

What does it feel like, share their time between these two parties.

When dating a celebrity don’t show them that you are a normal fan. Run over their nerves and strike their conscious but acting strangely. Be as sudden as the Holy Spirit. Probably you can win their hearts. Avoid showing how much you love them. In fact make them feel that they need you more than you do.  Just don’t show that you are begging for love. Avoid doing what other admirers do. Be original and strange.

It is time to become a celebrity before you date one. In the world of Hollywood, most celebrities date other celebrities. Find a talent that you’re good at. To become really famous, try becoming a singer, actor, or model. You could also write a book, become a sports star, invent something, or even become a film director! This helps you get closer to the world of celebrities.

Mind what you say when you meet them. Talk to them normally. If you scream at them or faint in their presence, they will never see you as a potential girlfriend or boyfriend. Instead, be calm, cool, and collected when around them. Don’t talk to them about their fame; they hear about that all the time. Ask them about regular stuff, like their favorite sports team, their pets, etc.



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