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‘The rain of stones’

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‘The rain of stones’

Sometimes things can become dangerous

Sometimes things can become dangerous

Inspiration by Sekka Bagenda

It was not until the world threw more heavy and hard punches in my face that I got tired and got up from the comfort zone to head to the real world of action to look for what I thought was mine.

Whenever it rains, with their ‘poisoned’ tear gas and pepper spray. The rain of stones is rare and in those areas that it has ever existed, it was considered a miracle.

In fact all people, wherever they are, have problems but  what is going on now in this created world  has gone beyond the finishing line and we in the great temple of  wisdom say we cannot remain sitting silent, arms folded!

Last time I looked around, while in Mulago hospital, and saw that some people’s days were numbered. Thank God who has allowed you live into these moments when people who were once friends, in politics, are now bitter enemies.

The script is ready and we who possess brains will sit, cross legged, and watch this massively interesting film and some comedy which will even cause others to lose their lives. Now the main actors are set, guns above their heads!

The first time I engaged in running battles with the brutal police in this country I didn’t really know why I entered the streets to protest and what really I was really fighting for.

I woke up, far into life, and realized that brains were more ruthless than swords. Thinkers fear the pen more than they fear swords and an A.K 47.

Sejjjusa and his group are saying, “Gentle man, you said you would give up after serving the time we agreed upon and walk away from office with handcuffs free hands. You said! Now…!”

Suicide bombers have upped their desire to take the lives of innocent people, children and women included.  As usual lies will be told by all the politicians eyeing both top and low seats.

A former class room teacher struggles and forces himself into ‘government’ and because he knows the  rest of the teachers’ habits, he puts his hand up and tells the big man ,the president, that teachers must continue teaching before their salaries are raised.

He says so while biting his teeth and licking his upper lip, to show how sure he is about the results of what he says. He knows that during his time some books would not sit in the libraries.

He and other goons could ship reams of papers and books out of the store to the near and far located book shops and stationeries. He is now in the government, and thinks such things still happen among heads of schools and the teachers that are close to them. The temple of wisdom this is, why do I bother myself unwrapping what you must uncover for yourself?

The world is messed up and people, the poor and the rich. The attractive and unattractive are seeing with their eyes that freedom must prevail. Somewhere, this year, people will be heard saying that they will not vote anybody into office unless he shows signs that he will give out money to people after or before addressing them in rallies.

Any politician is free to pull me away from this platform if he discovers that I was lying when I said that all politicians who are voted into power first give favors to the electorate.

During one of my journeys, across the country, while on his campaign trail, I saw a certain opposition politician, giving money to those that he thought would enable him trounce his political foes.

He won that election, and he is now here in Kampala swearing, in the name of the almighty, that if he does not see electoral reforms, with his own eyes, he might be among those to boycott the 2016 elections!

I stayed away from known platforms, like this one, for some time because I was still studying, and watching, the actions of hypocrites who are today wanting to force Ugandans sacrifice their lives and perhaps die in wars, on streets, that their living relatives will never benefit from.

During the times when the former mayor of Kampala was still a fierce critic of this government, his actions led to the death of energetic youths and revolutionaries in our country.  He entered the ruling government, defected and he still has followers. We will not blame people, like him.  We are here to teach people how success is created.

The rain of stones! The world is sick and flat lying on the death bed. Burundians are calling for another civil war. Here, the former friends are fighting so hard among themselves.

Desperate men and women and jobless youths are following and by the time the curtains go down, for drama to end, some lives will be no more.

The lack of space prohibits me from writing beyond these lines. More shocking secrets are still in my sight and I will tell them to world without fear. I am determined to go on anyway!

The world is deeply upset and when I look up, I see huge stones falling from the atmosphere and people are saying, “We want to be free!” as they run around almost helplessly. The rain of stones! Let the discussion continue.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist.

0756717967 or Email:




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