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Mega Dee earns his bragging rights with prestigious degree

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Mega Dee earns his bragging rights with prestigious degree

Amos Kigenyi aka MegaDee earned his degree in Health Management

Former Musician Amos Kigenyi aka Gen. Mega Dee has added a new chapter to his colourful CV by graduating with a degree in healthcare management from the California Intercontinental University.

While you may not be able to find Mega Dee in an operating theater anytime soon, this does not mean his academic achievement is anything less exciting.

The former rapper has joined an elite group of highly demanded healthcare workers whose services are even more on demand thanks to the advent of COVID-19 pandemic.

Before going to the US, Mega Dee had graduated with a degree in Urban planning from Makerere University.

He is not the first Ugandan to make such a huge leap in career, but his determination and persistence, especially considering his background of nightlife and largesse, have clearly set him apart.

His achievement is made even more pronounced considering that many of his peers continue to invest in begging, political bickering and the much-despised farming.

About a month ago, over a dozen Ugandan Musicians – Led by Joseph Mayanja aka Dr. Jose Chameleon, spent at least two weeks begging for money from Gen. Salim Saleh. At the end of the day, they got about UGX200m reportedly to support holding of elections, with more money promised in the near future.



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