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Nigeria supports Ugandan Universities with teaching staff


Nigeria supports Ugandan Universities with teaching staff

IUIU Rector Dr. Sengendo presenting a gift to Ambassador Haliru Shuaibu during the later’s visit to IUIU’s Kampala Campus

The administration of the Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) has praised the government of Nigeria for supporting the attainment of higher learning in the country by posting and financially supporting Nigerian lecturers in a number of universities.

The message of appreciation was delivered by IUIU Rector Dr. Ahmed Kawesa Sengendo during a meeting with top officials from Nigeria’s ministry of Foreign Affairs who met him at his office at IUIU’s Habib Medical School in Kibuli, Kampala.

Dr. Sengendo noted that this year, they expect some 30 highly qualified expatriates seconded by the government of Nigeria to come and teach at IUIU for a period of two years. Already, 18 expatriates some of whom hold doctorates in various fields, have reported to IUIU ahead of the start of the New academic year in August. Kampala International University (KIU) and Bugema University are the other universities in Uganda where the Nigerian academics are posted.

Dr. Sengendo told The Sunrise that the Nigerian government pays the salaries of the expatriates, while the university caters for their accommodation and other benefits such as transport allowances.

The seven-member delegation was led by Ambassador Haliru Shuaibu, from Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The delegation also comprised Nigeria’s High Commission officials including Ambassador Dr. Etubom Asuquo.

Dr. Sengendo said: “ We are grateful to the government of Nigeria for the support extended to IUIU by seconding volunteers who teach a number of academic fields. Generally, we are satisfied with the quality of their services.”

Dr. Sengendo revealed that most of the expatriates are PhD holders and fill voids in a number of fields where Uganda does not have enough trained personnel.

For example, Uganda lacks specialists in human anatomy since our universities do not have a specific course in this area. But Nigeria has a number of specialists in this field, and they have proved important in teaching our medical students.”

Ambassador Haliru, on the other hand noted that his visit to Uganda was aimed at ensuring that their nationals settle in and attain some level of comfort to allow them accomplish their mission. He also noted that the technical support is aimed at maintaining good bilateral ties between Uganda and Nigeria.



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