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Museveni’s brother Sodo beats Kutesa’s daughter in Mawogola NRM primary


Museveni’s brother Sodo beats Kutesa’s daughter in Mawogola NRM primary

President Yoweri Museveni’s brother Godfrey Aine Kaguta aka Sodo has been declared the winner of Tuesday’s highly contested NRM parliamentary primary elections for Mawogola North constituency.

The results were announced by the electoral commission chairperson Dr. Tanga Odoi on Wednesday evening. Sodo polled 17,343 votes against Shartsi Kutesa’s 16,104 votes whereas Salim Kisekka got 4,274 votes.

Shartsi Musherure Namatovu Kutesa, is the daughter of foreign affairs Minister Sam Kutesa.

The fight has captivated the attention not most political observers as it pitted the ruling family members against each other.

Sam Kutesa is the incumbent and had wished to be succeeded by his daughter. Little did he know that Museveni’s brother Sodo was waiting in the wings.

The heavy use of money and security forces however led some to conclude that the race represents a new level of greed for power as the ruling class expands its role, at least numerically in the politics of Uganda.

Dodo’s victory however appears to be a slap in the face of Museveni rather than a vote of confidence for the Museveni dynasty. This is largely bbecause Shirtsi is realistically closer to Museveni than Sodo. Shirtsi is a twin sister to first son Gen. Muhoozi Kainerugaba’s wife Charlotte.

In fact Muhoozi actively campaigned for Shirtsi than for his uncle Dodo.

According to Tanga Odoi, Kaguta beat his closest rival with 1239 votes.

The NRM EC chairperson however urged the winners and losers to reconcile to help develop the area.

“The winner must appreciate others. Try to build synergies and bring together Ssembabule,” he said.

The election which was supposed to be held on September 4, was postponed twice over ugly scenes of violence between supporters of both Sodo and Kutesa.

To prevent any incidents of violence, top security officials met on Monday to discuss ways of ensuring the election is peaceful.
Consequently, the Deputy Inspector General of Police, Maj.Gen. Sabiiti Muzeeyi and the CID Director, AIGP Grace Akullo camped in the area to ensure security.

On the other hand, the top NRM EC chiefs including Dr.Tanga Odoi also physically camped in the area to monitor the situation in the volatile Ssembabule district.

Voting was by lining behind the image of the candidate, as was the case in other areas across the country.

On Wednesday, Dr.Tanga Odoi received a petition from Musherure challenging Sodo’s election as NRM flag bearer for Mawogola North.

He however requested her to give other candidates copies of the petition.



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