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Uganda Airlines’ second Airbus lands


Uganda Airlines’ second Airbus lands

Airbus corporation has today completed delivery not it’s order of two Airbus A330-neo aircraft that was ordered by the government of Uganda.

The second bird landed at Entebbe International airport this morning Feb 2, to a much fan fair and pomp. This time though, there was muted excitement compared to the first arrival of the same aircraft last year.

The first airbus A330-neo arrived in December marking a new stage in the revived airline’s operations.

The arrival of A330 is seen as a huge step in the company’s plans to launch long routes such as Entebbe-London, Entebbe-Dubai and Entebbe Guanzoo.

Reports also indicate that Airbus Corporation,the European civil aviation company, used the empty flight from Toulouse the factory plant for the aircraft, to ship some medical equipment for donation to Uganda.



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