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Expel me if you want, Bukenya dares his party


Expel me if you want, Bukenya dares his party

NRM bosses say that Former Vice President Gilbert Bukenya has abused regulations governing political parties and must be disciplined. He responded that it’s Ok

Ex VP joins forces of Change

Former Vice President Prof. Gilbert Bukenya has dared his boss and party machinery by publicly stating that he is not scared of being expelled from the party because he supported the Opposition’s Brenda Nabukenya in the Luwero Woman MP by-election.

This week, Bukenya returned to Parliament on the NRM ticket.

Nonetheless, Bukenya has since become more critical of the government and recently spoke out against the use of the Police as an agency of terror and suppression of dissenting political voices.

Bukenya has also complained before that although the law gives him as former vice president privileges including a free chauffered car, allowances, a house and health insurance, he has never received them since losing the second highest office in Uganda about four years ago.

In an apparent show of frustration with politics, Bukenya hinted he was ready to do other things, in case he is expelled, other than being in Parliament.

He said: “I have a fall-back position. I am educated and I have done something for myself. They are free to expel me.”

Now the office of the Government Chief Whip has said that Bukenya contravened the NRM constitution and the code of conduct by campaigning against the official party flag bearer. The deputy government Chief Whip David Bahati said what Bukenya did were acts of indiscipline and are against party principles.

Bahati called for action to be taken against Bukenya calling his support for an NRM candidate a bad precedent set by a high-ranking official within the NRMO.



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