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Terrorists take fun out of World Cup festival


Terrorists take fun out of World Cup festival

Many soccer fans miss company in bars for fear of being targeted by terrorists

The terrorist attacks in neighbouring Kenya, more particularly football fans who patronise pubs at night to watch soccer.

Al-shabaab terrorist group confirmed that they carried out the two terrorists attacks in Mpeketoni resort in Lamu county near the coast, advice on Sunday and on Monday. Both attacks ended in the death of up to 65 innocent lives, mostly security officials.

Similar attacks targeting soccer fans have been made in Nigeria by Boko Harram. In fact, Boko Harram have specifically noted they targeted soccer fans, which according to Muslim leaders is unislamic because soccer is not a crime according to the Quoran.

Quite understandably, the attacks have reverberated beyond the borders of Kenya and Nigeria. Coming during the World Cup, the attacks bring back the traumatic memories of the July 11, 2010 twin bombings in Kampala that left close to 100 people dead.

By targeting soccer fans in places of entertainment this time, as was the case in 2010 at Kyaddondo Rugby grounds and at the Ethiopian restaurant, has quite clearly scared many people from gathering in bars. And to drinkers and socialites, this has taken the fun out of the World Cup as many simply prefer to stay home and watch the matches ont the family set other than enjoy the game in a more sporty environment.  

The fear of falling victim to such terrorist attacks by Ugandans has not only frustrated fans, it has negatively affected businesses of bars, and breweries as pubs now report less than expected turn up of customers.

Recently, the Uganda Police Force carried a nation-wide operation that ended in the closure of bibanda – or football watching venues in Kampala and upcountry areas, leaving many of them closed.

Fred Enanga, the Police Spokesperson told The Sunrise that prior to the kick-off of the World Cup, the force mounted a massive operation that saw hundreds of sports watching venues closed for lack of proper security facilities and poor visibility.

WhilePolice  clearly did this in the interest of the majority who frequent those places, the owners of the places that were closed as well as people who do petty businesses like boda boda riders, chicken roasters, have been affected.

A regular at some of Kampala’s happening places, who preferred anonymity, told The Sunrise that many top pub owners are crying foul for the fans leave quite earlier than  usual.

“We had stocked a lot of beers and sodas hoping to serve customers during the World Cup but things are not turning out as we expected,” said the source.

It’s not only the fear of being hit by the terrorists in bars that is driving fans from places of fun. Many people are weary of getting caught up drunk or driving under the influence of alcohol by the extra-vigilante police officers these days.

Despite the gloom caused by the heartless terrorists, some soccer fanatics are determined they will not be fazed by the threat of blasts and are returning home late or in the wee hours of the morning.



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