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The gay scourge runs deeper than we think


The gay scourge runs deeper than we think

Pope Francis, the Head of the Catholic Church shocked the world when he declared that Homosexuality is not a crime

As we slept off and let our guard down as a country, the double cancer of homosexuality and lesbianism comfortably slipped in and did so much havoc that the two sister cancers now look to have turned malignant.

Malignant cancer is akin to the tricky danger posed by the scenario of the snake lying inside the cooking pot.

If you go ahead and risk to hit the snake you will most probably break the cooking pot itself. And in which case therefore you won’t be able to use the broken cooking pot to cook food.

But if again you leave the snake alone, alas, you won’t be able to sleep comfortably with the slithery creature inside your house.

Gays and their sisters the lesbians have become the biggest threat to social tranquility in dear country, at the moment, as seen from the heat they have generated at national and regional and family debates. And yet, the perverts have gained so much influence and power that governments in Europe look incapable of decampaigning them, since they can use their money to determine which political party can get into power and not.

Not only are gays and lesbians in Europe fairly represented in government and big businesses, they also boast of a very big presence in equally bigger sectors outside government and politics not to mention the globally powerful churches.

For this reason, even those leaders in Europe who happen to be uncomfortable with gays and lesbians, are so scared of speaking up against them out of fear of crossing them.

The worsening state of the homosexual crisis has awakened every leader from government to cultural and religious spheres, to try to root it out of Ugandan society.

However a more careful analysis of this tragedy suggests that homosexuality and lesbianism are a much deeper problem and one that is no longer restricted to the dregs of society, to borrow the words of presidential advisor and Senior Citizen, John Nagenda.

Currently in Uganda, agents and sympathisers of gays and lesbians boast of a fairly big presence within the government itself, Parliament and within all law enforcement agencies without exception.

The same is true in the case of the Ugandan judiciary itself, the media, schools and local administration circles.

Gays and lesbians boast of deep pockets that they dangle before opinion leaders to try to push almost everyone and possibly any institution in society to dance to their tune.

Only recently, Pope Francis – the head of the largest faith in the world and probably the most influential institution, turned out to be a top sympathizer of gays and lesbians as seen by the way he uttered a very big statement to the effect that gays and lesbians are not guilty of anything.

Yet most of our laws, cultures and values in Africa criminalize the practicing of these vile practices amongst people of the same sex orientations.

The Bible itself Pope Francis follows and uses to propagate the gospel of God also condemns in no uncertain terms those acts of homosexuality and lesbianism. That is true, going by the God’s well-recorded destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gommorrah many years ago in the past on account of practicing sodomy.

Coming from a man as influence and powerful as the Pope, Francis’ statement must have swayed many to believe there is no problem with one being either a gay, a lesbian, their promoter and or a sympathizer let alone engaging in those practices.

But most importantly, Pope Francis’ statement must have emboldened, encouraged, incited and excited the promoters of homosexuality and lesbianism to continue to do their thing without let or hindrance.

The fact that the Pope, of all people, can talk kindly of gays and lesbians helps to reveal something which is so curious. That thing is that those people are so powerful that they can even blackmail people who are very influential and powerful in society to do their bidding.

It is widely believed that Francis’s predecessor, the late Pope Benedict ended up being pressurized to resign much as there were other reasons for him to do so.

As we are still at it, the Church both in England and the USA and moreless in the whole of Europe, have since passed resolutions backing marriages between people of the same sex.

Much as the mainstream churches in Uganda and the Islamic faith have since threatened to cut ties with the Churches in Europe, nothing much has since been said by majority of their Born Again counterparts.

And that has to be expected since majority of the local Born Again churches happen to have their roots in, and actually, pay more allegiance to the churches in the USA aside from drawing most of their operational funds from there.

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament in Uganda Mr. Thomas Tayebwa has made a strong stand against homosexuality

This is not to suggest that all Born Again churches in Uganda support and promote gays and lesbians. Far from it. After all, the first renowned Bishop in Uganda to openly support gays and lesbians happened not to be a Born Again Pastor. He belonged to the Anglican Church and his name was Bishop Christopher Ssennyonjo.

That Bishop Ssennyonjo had retired with possibly no source of livelihood to fall back on, so it was suggested, this is why the gays found it easy to turn him into their agent to use to recruit for them more members from among the lay people he had shepherded for many years.

Despite our president accusing the local churches for being dependent on foreign aid which is why, he asserts, they end up desperately accepting funding from gays, he merely stops at making such innuendos.

The Head of State doesn’t, for instance, go ahead to commit to assist the local churches with money as a measure to stop them from taking up funding from questionable sources.

Yet, in hindsight, you can forgive our President. He runs a government which is more or less broke. The regime survives on loans without which it can easily and quickly grind to a halt.

Consequent to that, a regime which cannot support itself financially and neither can meet its own loan repayment deadlines easily, can’t be again expected to bail out all sorts of countless churches practicing within its jurisdiction.

Moving away from that, when our president himself signed into law and hence sent the Anti-Homosexuality Act into full operation, some of the people who were quick to fault what he had done were honorable members of our own parliament, his own cabinet ministers, politicians across the board, parents, students and even religious leaders.

As a matter of fact, one of the people who took up the President’s decision in courts of law, was a Member of Parliament as well as his former legal aide and a parent by the names of Fox Odoi. Odoi together with veteran journalist Andrew Mwenda petitioned the constitutional court and –successfully got the law struck out of law books.

Yet following the Constitutional court’s nullification of the Anti-homosexuality law, neither the president nor the National Assembly have ever dared to refine what was annulled by the court and bring it back to the National Assembly to do the needful.

Uganda Young Democrats leader, Ismael Kiirya thinks the president lacks the spine to reintroduce the Anti-gays Law and that all what he can do is to stop at barking at them looking to excite the voters.

Analysts say the President and our lawmakers are so scared of returning the said mentioned law aware that our development partners who are good friends of gays and lesbians being their funders, can easily close their cash taps and, hence, deprive the country of the much-needed funding.

Proof to this, the former Kawempe North lawmaker, Hajj Latiff Ssebaggala Ssengendo had tried to bring back this law by mobilizing fellow lawmakers to sign a petition to the effect.

Ssebaggala says such effort by him, however, ended up being curtailed with majority of lawmakers being mobilized to stay out of that campaign.

Ssebaggala now thinks one of the reasons he was voted out of Parliament is because he had stepped on the toes of the powerful people behind the move to protect and legalize what he cheekily refers to as the offside sex.

In addition to that, The Sunrise understands how the plot to fail the Anti-homosexuality law was actually hatched by the Uganda Cabinet.

That was ostensibly done by instructing majority of the lawmakers to deliberately keep away from the National Assembly during the session which debated and finally passed that Bill into law.

The trick thereof had been to deny the Uganda National Assembly the required tyranny of numbers (technically referred as quorum) during the final process of debating and passing the Anti-homosexuality Bill into law.

As can be expected in such a scenario, the petitioners would use the ground of absence of the requisite quorum during the passing of the Anti-homosexuality Act to successfully move the Constitutional court to declare that Act a nullity.

Before putting this issue to bed, it must be pointed out how a very, very senior member of the Ugandan Cabinet had tried to ambush the Uganda National Assembly with this issue of lack of quorum during the final day of the debate as he looked to stifle the passing of the instant Bill into Law.

But the resolute Speaker of the day, Rebecca Alitwaala Kadaga rejected to take those reservations and went ahead to pass the Anti-homosexuality Bill into Law.

We parents ourselves are also guilty of being too busy at work looking for money to mind counseling our own children to steer clear of things such as homosexuality and lesbianism.

The fact that school-going children happened to get much more impregnated during the time the schools had been closed as a result of the prevalence of Covid-19 would serves as a good piece of evidence to indicate how we parents are too busy at the game of looking for money than to spare time to counsel our children.

Given a choice to choose between leaving our children entirely at school all the time and being asked to stay with the children at home during holidays, the above scenario would suggest, most parents would gladly choose the former.

The bad effect of this kind of negligence on our part is that we have permitted those who promote immoral practises to fill up the vacuum left by us as we are busy looking for money to spare time to use to talk to our children out of joining all sorts of bad bandwagons.

Worse still, whereas we keep pretending each passing day, hour and minute to be too busy looking for money, alas, majority of us parents rarely, in truth, never get by enough of that elusive thing called money, nevertheless.

Consequently, the promoters of the vices of homosexuality and lesbianism end up finding it so easy to use money which is not one of their problems, before I can forget, to lure our children into such bad movements.

Since we are financially hard up, this is how we have ended up also accepting without question any bursary from any Tom, Dick and Harry.

And thus equally ended up sacrificing our children at the altar of homosexuality and lesbianism in pursuit of education which we cannot pay for by ourselves for the reason that we are financially struggling.

Alarmingly, our government is equally broke too to be able to escape the curse of taking up cash whose sources they happen to have no clue about. In any case, there is no indication to use to differentiate between money originating from the bad sources and that which happens to originate from the good sources.

Despite trusting our children with schools to help us to counsel them against bad practices, some of those running them are not clean either.

Most of those people are quite easy targets for the gays because they cannot survive on the little salaries given to them by the school owners, if at all.

For this reason, some of the poorly paid teachers have inevitably ended up being lured by gays into being agents to use to recruit learners into their associations.

As you are still trying to ponder upon and digest all these, then you get to learn, alas, about how our local administrations have been infiltrated also by gays promising to finance their activities.

Such one local government in point is that one of Kasese in the Western part of the country. Its leaders have since, fortunately, justified working with the gays out of the need to find cash to use to fix the needs of its people but which much-needed cash our government happens to be short of.

Despite the rest of our local governments being too timid and shy to admit working with gays, the same doesn’t mean they are not actually working or susceptible to working with them.

The reality of the situation is that majority of our local governments in Uganda are faced with funding challenges of such huge proportions that would make them pretty unable to reject gays and their money.

The people we love to refer to as investors and who we love to streneously defend at all costs, some of them are, in matter of actuality, gays themselves.

Many others of these so-called investors are in truth agents and sponsors of gays. They are here therefore on a mission to recruit our young people into homosexuality and lesbianism. Just that they are doing that under the cover of doing business.

Even without going on and on mentioning and outlining other areas in our society such as sports and entertainment which are really too susceptible to being used as recruitment sources for gays.

What we have been managed to put across in these pages is sufficient, frankly speaking, to demonstrate the extent of damage gays and lesbians plus their promoters and sympathisers have been wrecking and are still capable of wrecking on our dear motherland.

As such kinds of trying moments continue to unravel before our eyes and ears, all what we can do is to stop and remember that as the end of times continues to draw closely nearer, there are going to be a spike in things such as these.

That said, all of us without discrimination will need hence to strenuously pray and call upon the Almighty God to spare us from drowning with these bad times as we wait to transit from our cursed abode to the promised bliss.



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