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Do something about girl workers in Malaysia


Do something about girl workers in Malaysia

Hajat Janet Mukwaya, Minister of Youth, Gender and Community Development

Hajat Janet Mukwaya, Minister of Youth, Gender and Community Development


Make a mention of: hot girls, porn sex actors, sex slavery, stripper models, karaoke pubs, cocaine, Viagra, facial abuse videos; and one might think that this is a reference to some deformed sexual practices in the Internet  and done mainly in Western countries. But no: this is taking place here in Kampala; and it is championed and practiced by people who one may regard are above board.

In 2013, after a sustained concern from the public, Parliament decided to send some of its members to, essentially the United Arab Emirates (UAE-Dubai) and Malaysia, on a fact-finding trip, to ascertain the reports of the Ugandan migrant workers (Nkuba Kyeyo), especially girls and young women, to those countries.

Unless otherwise stated, there appears to have been no feedback on the import of this trip/s.

The ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development has come under question on a number of occasions about this migrant labour; and they have not given convincing answers as to the livelihood of the Ugandan labourers in those countries.

They have given a go-ahead to a number of companies to do this business; and there are even advertisements seeking to recruit these and other types of migrant workers from Uganda.

This has given rise to a sleaze sex industry in Kampala and its suburban environs, where immoral conmen are duping young “hot girls” that there are high-paying jobs in UAE and Malaysia in the film industry which require these girls in major acting roles.

The girls are deceived that the movies and videos they appear in, are a hot item in the Internet and the film industry. Needless to say, in our country where there is a severe lack of jobs, these girls fall prey to unscrupulous operators who exploit them in the sex slave industry.

These operators have established harmless-looking companies to deal in their illicit sexual activities. After “recruiting” the girls, they “audition” them for film roles by pretending to “shoot” films and videos so as to “prepare” them for the roles.

Then, they go through an “interview” and a “selection” process to get the “lucky” ones. This whole bogus process is meant to make the girls to get so desperate that they will literally do anything to “qualify” for those roles and get sent to those countries for the promised “major film and video roles”.

In the process these girls are made to take all kind of mind-bending drugs or “mainline” cocaine; and by the time they perform these auditions for the film and video roles, they are “high” and really not themselves. Those “lucky” ones are then “exported” to UAE and/or Malaysia, where they become real sex slaves in prostitution houses without any small amount of redress.

There have been suspected cases of some of these girls dying in the process. Indeed, since some of these girls were exported to these countries, more than three years ago, there is a rumour that some have died; and their families, back at home here, are not even aware of these tragic circumstances.

There is a story of an example of such a beautiful girl, who was recruited from Mulago Kku Bbiri Zone. The fellow who recruited her was a dark Sylvester Stallone or Arnold Swarzennegger-looking type, who deceived her that the industry paid well and that she was poised to become a film celebrity of international fame. Obviously, the girl fell for this hype.

For about a month, she was inducted through rough “sex shoots” before taking her into the real thing. This happened to be a “facial abuse” (fellatio) experience, of an act of sexual degradation and humiliation. This was accompanied with slaps in the face so that the girl would not complain of the degradation.

By the end of the exercise she was bleeding in the face and crying, but the Stallone was not concerned. From the promised one hundred dollars for the “shoot”, he merely threw a twenty-shilling note to her with the shout that she had failed the test to go to Malaysia. In that sense, she was lucky not to have made it to Malaysia!

Such scenes are taking place in the sleazy “joints” in Kampala, which is recording a measure of the collapse of morality. Who will do something about this slide to a sexual and labour morass?



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