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Kaweesi murder mystery in more muddles      

Ikebesi Omoding

Kaweesi murder mystery in more muddles      

Late IGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Late IGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Just when you had began to think that the assassination of former Assistant Inspector General of Police (IGP), a new twist comes into the picture. Former intelligence operative, Godfrey Galabuzi, has filed a case in the High Court, in which he alleges that he was offered a cool one billion shillings bribe, to implicate Security Minister, Henry Tumukunde, in the murder.

This new development therefore, has the capacity to solve the assassination mystery, if one can call it that.

Firstly, the issue has now gone to the courts of law, where there is immunity from sub judice, the legal principle of telling or not saying the truth. It is the fear of saying what actually happened that has continued to shroud the murder in mystery.

We have witnessed so many people being arrested in connection with the murder, including, ridiculously, children. So what we are seemingly faced with is a constant attempt at a cover-up. Now that appears to be blowing over.

That is, if Galabuzi will continue to stick to what has happened to him.

Even though he has the Attorney General as his prosecutor trying the case, the presence of the human rights lawyer, Rwakafunzi Kissa, on his side, is likely to give the prosecution an added boost to adduce evidence from a number of witnesses to testify on the defense side.

Obviously, the other fear is that Galabuzi will now not be compromised to rake in a newer and more tempting offer. From its inception, the NRM stalwarts have always claimed that every man has his prize; merely get to know and offer it, and you get what you want.

So, in this case, if Galabuzi is offered two billion shillings; and he refuses, then the offer is upped to three… four… five…, and so on and so forth, until he accepts to take the loot, then if the case fizzles away without revealing any substantial truth, we shall get to understand the workings of law in Uganda.

The assumption here is that from the start, the people who have been covertly mentioned in the assassination of Kaweesi have been linked with the government. Indeed, Tumukunde fired the first salvo in this manner, when he accused the Police of not having provided an intelligently-contrived bodyguard for the assistant IGP. In other words, those who were concerned with his security were lacking in operational acumen to have done a better job. Consequently, they deliberately comprised his security for the purposes of accomplishing his killing.

Secondly, the courts have now to be held responsible for Galabuzi’s security, in order for him to have the settled mind to reveal who offered to bribe him and what transpired in the bribery attempt. This is a tall order.

Threats of all kinds are going to fly against the people who are likely to be concerned. Of course, such will be on Galabuzi, himself. Then, threats and/or bribery will be upon the likely people to be subpoenaed as witnesses in the case. Even, the judge and lawyers in the case are likely not to be spared, such as Rwakafunzi, himself.

Already, mention is being tied up between Tumukunde and the IGP, Kale Kayihura.  The run of the mill of Ugandans do not know the rancuor between the two, except ion the case of the past general election, when Tumukunde was shot and wounded by the Police in his son’s Parliamentary seat campaign.

And this may pose the third development in the Kaweesi murder. Why are these two strongmen, involved in the security of the country, in a dog fight? Who else is involved in this altercation? What more is the quarrel about, if not the mere fact of security of the security officers?

In all likelihood, this is going to be a very gripping case that will reveal more than just the assassination of Kaweesi. It is likely to show the inner workings of the security apparatuses and the people involved in claiming that they are doing things for the security of the country, when in reality they are merely doing things for their own stomachs.

The prayer is that Galabuzi will stick to his guns, and for this, the High Court of Uganda and the Judiciary, is absolute key. 



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