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Incestuous and homosexual people must be told off


Incestuous and homosexual people must be told off

Elton John is a self confessed LGBT person

Elton John is a self confessed gay person

A news story appeared in all the media; newspapers, radios and television a fortnight ago, in which a man was caught in incestuous relations with his daughter. Even worse was that the child was under-age – not to say that it would have been acceptable if she had been of the sexually-accepted age.

Quiet often, we are treated to news reports of people caught up in incestuous relationships; or homosexuals: that they want to be treated with respect. Firstly, such people should find out how Ugandan society, even their own relatives and friends, views them.

People normally refer to acts of sodomy to the behaviour of animals. There is nothing further from the truth: animals do not practice sodomy. That means that for human beings to do that they are worse than animals.

The nature of these wicked acts offends our moral sensibility, and gives pictures of unbridled depravity.

In Uganda, all cultures and traditional societies regard these acts with utter disdain. Saying it without contradiction, in the case of homosexuality, our languages do not have a word for it. This is because from time immemorial such was not being practiced, so there was no ways these societies would have developed words for such wantonness. That means it was not there! That is the very first indication that this is a totally alien practice.

For people to come round and claim that this is a human right is a totally absurd aberration. It is an abnormality that has been forced on us by the Western societies that term it, LBGT – lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, trans-sexual. The definitions alone are abhorrent.

To get our people to accept this, the Western world dangles dollars before our eyes, especially those of the youngest generation. It finds that our leaders and politicians have impoverished us to the extent that these people accept to be enticed in this horrendous manner.

They are then forced to practice the most inhuman things being taken as sex. Such things include the so-called: fisting, coprophilia (sexing faeces), and golden showers, among things like anal or oral sex. It is inconceivable that people accept to be debased for mere money.

As for incest, in most traditional societies, it was regarded with such distaste that those caught in such acts were killed in a variety of manner, which the respective societies dictated.

Some were barricaded in the grass-thatched houses and then the house would be set on fire. Others would be dragged off to swampy areas where they would be caged with bushes of thorn shrubs which would be set on fire. The punishment was so severe as to send a message that this was not to be tolerated at any cost.

With the advent of Western Colonial impact and present-day globalization, our sensibilities have been assaulted by the so-called sophistication or westernization, to the extent that a great number of people in various societies now view this with reluctant askance. And so we tend to fling this information with careless abandon.

Such was a case recently where a man was discovered having been carrying on an incestuous relationship with his daughter. The Local Council administrators and the Police should have isolated this incident and kept it from the knowledge of the wider communities beyond where this bestiality took place. This would have protected the rest of the people, who do not have to be regaled with this impropriety.

The news industry are tasked with informing, educating and entertaining the rest, yet this should be measured at the cost it is likely to have. The kind of media bombardment that the rest of the people have had about homosexuality is what has deadened their morality to the obtuseness of the practice. Still, this cannot, in any way be considered as right, even when the West throws a lot of money to those debauched people to win them over to this offensiveness.

A commission was tasked with handling such irrational sexual behaviour. This institution should liaise with the LCs and the Police as to shield the rest of the population, where these sordid practices have taken place. For some, the less they know, the better they are protected from these rude and dirty foreign influences.

Said one wit who is campaigning against this assault on African values: “Homosexuality poses a threat because it is being systematically advanced by well-organized fraternities and their allies. They have brought the Westen leaderships and governments to their side.”

Still the arguments that can sustain the need for, information, education or entertainment for such degeneracy, have to be countered by traditional moral and Christian values.



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