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Pollutants maybe hastening Destruction of  the Earth


Pollutants maybe hastening Destruction of  the Earth

Bududa district suffers serious threats from landslides whenever it rains heavily.

Bududa district suffers serious threats from landslides whenever it rains heavily.

The Climate Change Conference taking place in Katowice, Poland, is revealing some startling facts about the future of the Earth. Since the last such conference took place in 2015 in Latin America, there seems to be no solution in sight to the carbon emissions that are being spewed into the atmosphere, thus warming the planet. Accordingly, any warming beyond the present 1.5 Degrees Celsius will have disastrous consequences.

Addressing the Poland conference, famed broadcaster, Sir David Attenborough, said, “We are witnessing a man-made disaster on a global scale. The extinction of our natural world is in the horizon,” he sounded out the participants from the more than 140 countries who are attending the conference.

Sir David made a direct appeal to the leaders of the countries to listen to the advice of the scientists and climate advocates. He also appealed to the “common people, such as myself”, to keep on appealing to the politicians to listen to the advice about the on-going problem. “Politicians will listen, if there is strong public support,” he sounded.

One such scientist, who it is valid to listen to, is Sir Martin Rees, the astrophysicist. Sir Martin says that there is still a 50/50 chance to save the planet Earth in this 21st Century, but that “this is our final hour”. He said as the population inches to nine billion people, there is a marked danger to the earth bio-diversity, yet there is a strong chance that the technology being advanced can save the planet. However he warned that the earth has 12 years in which to sort out the problem of the global warming beyond three degrees, for the disaster to be averted.

In a sense, these and other important people of their type, have been appealing to the political leaders, so far with little attention from them. In fact, accordingly, the advice of the Inter-ministerial Committee of the Climate Change Conference was being ignored by three important countries, even as they were sounding out the alarm. Presidents Trump of the United States; Vladmir Putin of Russia; and, King Salman of Saudi Arabia, pointedly said that they do not believe the advice of the Inter-ministerial Committee on climatic change.

If one takes into account the Word of God in the Bible, this reaction might not be strange at all, but that is the issue; for it says that people have ears, but they will not listen; they have eyes, but they do not see. This is pertinent in the book of Luke 21: 9-14 and 24, it warns that, “These things will have to happen first, but that is not the end. Nations will go to war against one another; and kingdoms will attack each other….

“There will be great earthquakes, and in many places people will starve to death and suffer terrible diseases. All sorts of frightening things will be seen in the sky. Strange things will happen to the sun, moon and stars. The nations on earth will be afraid of the roaring sea and tides, and they won’t know what to do.”

Needless to say, this is exactly what is happening in the world now. In the Pacific Ocean, towards the US coast in California, climatic changes are sweeping in torrents of water that are threatening landslides in the place recently, co-incidentally called, ‘Paradise’. It is a place that recently witnessed the most catastrophic fires that have raged in the state in decades.

Inappropriately, Trump blamed the authorities for not doing enough to avert the effect of the drought. This ignores what the Bible says about such things. In Australia wild fired are ignited by lightening to the tinder bushes of the Outback. Nobody can do anything about that! The fire comes from the sky!

A tsunami recently destroyed parts of an island in Indonesia, yet the leaders talk about rebuilding, without taking cognizance of what is written in the Bible. Indeed, Indonesia, being largely a Muslim nation, the leaders will appropriately, or otherwise, ignores the warning.

In Africa, the climate change, alternating between scorching drought and drenching rain, is taking place. Most, even the leaders, are unaware that the genesis of the problem is thousands    of miles away; and sometimes in the sky. Currently, the Pacific is breeding what is likely to turn out as another El Nino which will severely affect Africa.

So, if more landslides take place in Mount Elgon area, in Bugisu, as happened recently, there should be no surprise. The Bible also points out how to remedy the situation. Again, the warning is appropriate; the ear is there, but does not hear.

All over the world these climatic conditions are happening, but when leaders like Trump, Putin or Salman are there, one can bet that the warning that the climatic scientists are putting forth about the earth carbon emissions getting the Earth to three degrees Celsius, may not be too far away, and will be ignored. The 12 years they are pointing to is fast approaching, yet cyber technology could save the Earth from climate warming.    



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