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‘This name was spoilt’


‘This name was spoilt’

‘This name was spoilt’

‘This name was spoilt’

Even the most courageous will now agree that things are tough. We men, who complain and say poverty of this year will strangle so many human beings. I said things are possible to only those who believe they can.

Success is not for all. People cried a lot last year and almost all the reasons were given to convince people that 2016 was a very hard year. We saw this coming. The ladder of success is not crowded at the top. We are going to see more people crying. Empires shall crumble. People will complain and grumble even more. And governments across the globe are going to be hated.

Angry mobs will take to the streets this year more than ever before. And employers shall sack more employees more than they did during the past five years.

You cannot control schools now. You are going to pay more and more dues at school you people. And this will happen for years, and no one will come out to stop it.

Before I acquired the thoughts that enabled me conquer the writing industry, I lived among people who said that dishonesty was among the surest ways to enduring riches. We saw liars succeeding at a terrible speed. No lie can live forever.

It will take so many years before all the Chinese products are accepted whole-heartedly by people who understand what they need whenever they go to the market place. I prefer now a loss to dishonest gain, for such gains have cost so many people. Countries that wanted quick gains are now in need of customers, who once flocked to queue up to buy their carelessly made products.

Listen whenever they tell you to wait and be honest. All pastors who forced money from the flock, five years ago, are today unknown and are almost back to poverty. Some can go bed hungry. Others are today known beggars. All people who own offices with approachable people know this.

Now God gave them authority, and power to heal the sick and to let the lame walk. The blind would see. People were prayed for and riches were acquired. It is here that man becomes arrogant. A man who grows rich can step on anything he sees in his way. We are not proud. We were counseled and guided before we rose.

The poverty stricken man greets all the people, including unimportant children in the neighborhood. He complains whenever a neighbour refuses to give attention to those near. It is so easy to be humble when you are poor. Acquire money. You will see the person you will become. I sympathise with salesmen and service providers in this country.

Some rich men here lack discipline. He will bark at you even before looking at what you have come to sell to him. Pastors spoilt their names. Why do people see Mulago as they today do? I know why pastor Bugingo now attracts more sheep than any other pastor in Uganda today. People need help. People will follow you, even to the grave, to lay you there in peace, if you showed that during your life time you cared for them.

Men of God who were five years ago followed hugely, are today in need of people to occupy the now empty seats. They extorted money from people who came looking for life. Tell the person exactly what you can offer, to them. Otherwise, we are here to stay and shall remember the money you dishonestly got from us. You know very well that even non believers get good marriage partners. They travel by air and by the sea. As you talk about miracles think a lot, before you talk.

Before I believed, in anything, I would hear pastors laying strategies in order to get money from followers. It created courage among a lot of pastors and prophets who today mobilise congregations to meet in stadiums for end of year prayers. Actually forming a church was about to become something that could put tremendous sums of money into the blessed man’s pocket. Yet in the beginning it could just let us go into the place full of everlasting life.

A minister could be honored wherever they stepped. Security is now alert. Someone would have lynched a man, or woman, who swore to serve his or her country, laughing and smiling, and full of peace, and the desire to do the given job of perhaps supervising the construction of schools in districts, and super highways.

But where did the youth and men in Mukono get the guts to want to lynch the bishops who had gone to inspect God’s land in Mukono? Let’s think before we do. Names were spoilt long time ago here. As you journey along this road, be careful, for the journey ahead of you is still long. Time will come. You will be required to serve. It is here that you may sink like a stone.

The name FUFA was deeply blackened. Today, try to call the man in the chair there at FUFA. Call him today, to tell him urgent things. He will ignore your call. Magogo is a very busy man.

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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