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At what age should a young person enter politics?


At what age should a young person enter politics?

The Road to 2021

‘People power and what Bobi Wine can do’

‘People power and what Bobi Wine can do’

As we promised, we are finally here. I don’t think you would like it, as an intelligent man or woman, if they continued blind folding you, to stop you from seeing, until the year 2021 arrives. This paper has provided all the space we need to talk and develop our country.

It is very common for those who have grown to show that they know almost everything that this country has passed through and the solutions to what we go through.

Unfortunately the world changed. People are now too busy. The old and the young all now wake up very early in the morning to go and look for what to eat, what to wear and where to sleep.

If a leader is not good, he or she will surround himself with thinkers to make sure they don’t give you space, you citizens, to think.

The most important men in Uganda, according to me, still alive, are Bidandi Sali, Kintu Musoke and Kirunda Kivejinja.

These men began talking politics and others issues that concerned all of us as a country when each was barely twenty five years old.

They are now in their eighties and I respect them more than I do to any other Ugandan because even, when this regime, that they served for a very long period of time goes, no one is going to look for them to incarcerate them. Now, that is what I call wisdom. Joining politics and you do what you are supposed to do for your country is not a crime.

We hurled insults at Jennifer Musisi before she dumped our thing there. Today, I feel some how proud when I look at Kampala. Some parents inUganda look so near that even one day my close relative quarreled with me when she heard it that I was to start talking about politics. But that was a long time ago anyway and I don’t think my words mattered even.

The world changed. Kampala was almost a village in the sevenities. We had a garden in Kampala here and we dug. We had a very big banana plantation in Kampala. What worked in those years may not work today. Thetrue time when one should begin thirsting for power is when they are still at the university. You cannot stop rioting at Makerere, unless student leaders and administrators there get completely born again.

With good politicians, this country can get up from where it is currently sleeping. Instead this is what is happening. How can a former FDC man stand up and say Besigye means nothing to him?

You wouldn’t have known how the inside of that parliament looked like if Kiiza Besigye had not endorsed you man. This is the problem with young men. There are men here who were very vocal in their thirties. At that age they were thin and slightly poor.Their bellies and bottoms are so big today and I think now money is more important than this country, to them. You don’t listen, and you are proud.

You would have moved around the country and discovered the places where the former drivers of this country are and in which condition these people are. If you do, you will start fighting, puttingfirst this country before you think of how you can fill your belly. Very few intelligent people, people like Museveni, cannot refuse to listen, when you politely advise them.

A lot of people think all successful and powerful people are cold-blooded. This is not true. It depends on the way you approach these men. For us we have now decided to appreciate what this regime has done. Roads have been constructed. Dams constructed today mean one day this country willcompletely overcome the problem of lack of enough power.

We must all believe that president Museveni found this country somewhere and with his friends, they have taken the country somewhere. There is freedom and peace in Uganda. This is not a failed state has some young men say. Uganda is not even among the most dangerous places to stay in. I have talked,in fact, for very many years. Others are probably imprisoned but me I talk. And, remember, our brains are different.

They will take me to jail too ifI one day forget my head out and I enter this room, full of books, with a fool’s head. I am a friend to all politicians, both in power and out of power, because I say to them the truth. Donot believeit when someone tells you that a young man like Nelson Chamisa or Julius Malema and their age matescannot lead a country, even to dazzling prosperity. You don’t need to quarrel with anybody to become powerful young man.

Stick on sense, and tell us what you have done and what you can do for a third world country like Uganda. Tell us. How can you order manna from heaven for thesetired looking and desperate faces to enjoy? All old men were once young. And they attained most of their ability to rule while they were still very young men. A lot of them were poor then. Come in the sun and do, young man. There is no pay for noise making.



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