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Before and after a decision


Before and after a decision

People call me lucky and say I today eat free money but my friend, where I passed some of you may never pass even if you suffer so much, more than most people on earth do. People foolishly believe that they will die or even starve to death if they leave the offices they occupy today .

If you are there and waiting for your phone to ring, when another employer is requesting for your services, please, go away and look for your future. You are growing. Killing time is very dangerous. And that phone will never ring.

Before I became a respected writer, poverty was part of my life. Why? I feared to decide. I didn’t want the people I had associated myself with for years to misunderstand me or to get annoyed because I left them. I feared to reach decisions though I knew what I could decide to try could take me forward. People in this world are so cruel-hearted I didn’t know.

Some bosses in Africa want you to make for them money and make them rich and that is all. You are a human being too. You have growing children to take care of. Life is too short you know. You cannot run other people’s races forever. Before a decision is made you must prepare for the worst. Please, the time is perhaps now.

Jesus decided with his father to die for our sins. He died and resurrected. You are not Jesus, so think and be careful before deciding. I studied sports science at Makerere University. I grew up following sports and I am today among the most serious and bold sportsmen in this country.

I put the sports science degree down and decided to pick up a pen to write and inspire people. This decision was my own and I knew some people would not be pleased. Until today I have not seen some of my desk mates with whom we usually drummed desks and shouted behind classrooms. I had to take this route.  Others went to St. Balikuddembe and so many looked for other short cuts and, in the maze, they got lost. I might never see them again. DECISION!

You can fly to any country in the Middle East and wash dishes if you are afraid of looking for big things. It is up to you. We were taken to slaughter houses and, we survived. We ran away and continued holding the almost empty pens then and were not cowed and looked for success looking in almost every cave in this world.  No suffering can kill an ambitious and determined human being in this world. You will find the way. Decide. Don’t fear.

So many children of my age had gone to trade in markets and to ride boda bodas. That was what was happening. Now, who would be speaking here? What do you want and what are you waiting for, if you really need it? You are shy and with no self-confidence I know.

You fear people are going to say. I was also like that a decade ago. I am today a public speaker. When I was a child, I could not stand before my fellow kids. I was extremely shy.

Seven years ago my senior two computer literacy teacher met me and asked me why I was so shy during my school days. Children from poor families, where parents are abusive, are tortured tremendously by the lack of self-confidence. But how can a poor child freely mingle with the children of the rich and beautiful girls at school? In Africa a poor man fears a successful one and this is how this Africa was built, by the colonialists.

I feared girls at school. I was so shy that I could even faint if you told me to stand and give an answer, standing up in a classroom full of children. I got tired of my poverty one day and swore that I would become something.  Oh! I would have lost this chance of finding all this happiness and peace if I took the easiest way in the wide maze. When they saw me attempting to take the first step into this career, close friends and relatives, of course, asked questions.

They wanted to know why I always carried books of great men who wrote before I did. There at Makerere I lost the appetite of carrying black books in my bag to write sports management or coaching notes there. I was practically dead when growing up. Nobody loved me. I could not continue lying there mourning and complaining. I had to become a star and how would I do this? It could be accomplished I thought, and discovered. I decided to commence doing things that had occupied my mind for long. Think.

Today I am an important person in the country. If you can decide, things will change.  Look for permanent peace and happiness please. Stop pleasing that audience. You will meet us at the mountain top here one day if you can breathe in and out, and get the courage to begin planning, to run away from prison.  Search diligently and follow the path that you will see ahead.



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