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What if Buganda seceded?

Ikebesi Omoding

What if Buganda seceded?

Buganda’s 20th anniversary celebrations were momentous for one major thing: the preceding MoU – memorandum of understanding – signed by President Yoweri Museveni and Kabaka Ronald Mutebi and handed over to Katikiro Peter Mayiga, a day before the announcement of the return of some of the properties – the famed Ebyaffe. It marked one of the episodes in the relentless demand by the Baganda for some of the things Museveni promised them on his accession to power 28 years ago. But it still fell short of what the Baganda say they want.

In the last general election, one of their demands, federalism – or, popularly, Federo – even got crafted around a political party, Betty Kamya’s Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA), but she failed to sell it to the Baganda, much less to the rest of Uganda. This was surprising, given that it is the political structure the Baganda say they want for Uganda. Why was/is that?



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