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The exciting origin and journey of Koff Bomb

Omukenkufu Nyanzi Julius

The exciting origin and journey of Koff Bomb

As the world continues to battle numerous outbreaks of cough, it is important to remind ourselves that Uganda is endowed with a rich stock of natural resources from which medicines can be obtained, as well as the human capital or brains to extract the remedies to combat the diseases.

In a short spell of about two years of the COVID outbreak, our scientists have brought onto the market a number of remedies to help people deal with rampant coughs.

One of the outstanding products that have earned a name during this period is the Koff Bomb.

Although Koff Bomb predated COVID-19, its efficacy in combating the disease and related respiratory infections, has made it one of the hottest selling products at ProfBioresearch.

Its against this background that I wish to share with you my dear readers the story of Koff Bomb.

The story on the Koff Bomb dates back to my days at Makerere University when I was still training as a student of pharmacology.

One day I was battling a serious cough as I went about my early years of innovation.

Armed with the knowledge about the healing properties of Rosemary and Eucalyptus in dealing with respiratory infections, I chose to use one of the by-products of the oil extraction process that I was undertaking, to treat the cough.

I drunk the distilled water to try to soothe the itchy cough. I also smeared the distilled water in the nostrils. The outcome was pleasantly surprising. The cough disappeared almost immediately like it had been dealt with a crushing bomb – hence the name Koff Bomb.

Armed with my new found anti-cough therapy, I proceeded to the University labs to try to carry out preliminary analyses especially on safety. With the help of fellow students and lecturers, my cough remedy passed the test.

My entrepreneurial spirit kicked in as I put Koff bomb on the market. My initial experience when I put it up for sale at the University stall wasn’t rosy though.

The product didn’t receive the appeal I had anticipated considering the healing power it had demonstrated.

I didn’t lose hope. I persevered and took it to other places such as exhibitions. At one such event – the annual Uganda Manufacturers Association (UMA) trade fair, to be precise, I got my first breakthrough.

I met a Swiss national who offered to export it to Europe. This greatly boosted my faith but also offered me more avenues for improvement of the product.

As we exchanged with my Mzungu customer friend, he told me that he had conducted further tests with better recognized laboratories in his country and had received approval. I breathed with a sigh of relief considering the initial setbacks I had suffered.

I later discovered that he was instead using it to treat hay fever – a type of allergic response to outdoor or indoor allergens, such as pollen and dust.

Besides the little monetary benefits I received from him, he gave me invaluable customer feedback including the fact that the drug had an unpleasant smell.

I used my know-how to further improve the product by adding some natural flavour I derived from peppermint and rosemary.

Our relationship with my Swiss friend suffered a setback around the year 2014 when he insisted that should not label my product.

With the gradual improvements that I had made, Koff Bomb started to acquire considerable appeal in the local Ugandan market.

Since then, I have not looked back. Koff Bomb has become one of the most potent anti-cough remedies as well as a timely product considering its role in combating the outbreak of respiratory infections globally and in Uganda. Indeed Koff bomb has been one of the most sought after products at ProfBioresearch, when it comes to combating coughs and flu.

Chemical composition

Eucalyptus and Rosemary have long been known to contain mucolytic and anti-inflammatory properties.

And as we know, the viruses that cause cough and flu, attack the respiratory tract resulting in inflammation, itching and production of mucus.

If the inflammation is not addressed, it leads to narrowing of the airways that blocks oxygen from reaching the lungs leading to breathing difficulties.

Relatedly, if the mucus that is produced by the infected cells is not removed, it attracts bacteria that feeds on it leading to all sorts of complications such as fever, foul smell and general discomfort.

Koff bombs more of action

We know that viruses don’t have a definite cure. Instead, in dealing with most of the viral infections, experts target associated symptoms such as fever and inflammation.

Koff Bomb is no different. Because of its powerful anti-inflammatory properties, the solution is able to prevent inflammation of the nasal cavity and the respiratory tract by allowing the body to fight off the infection by itself using the immune system.

Using this same power against inflammation, Koff bomb is a powerful weapon against several other problems besides cough and flu, such as whizzing, snoring, and sinusitis.

More on safety

Besides the micro analysis studies that were conducted in Switzerland’ whose reports have been shared with regulatory authorities in Uganda, Koff bomb has successfully passed safety tests by the Government Chemotherapy department in Wandegeya, Kampala.

The future of Koff Bomb

It is our prayer and hope that government comes to our aid by supporting research to fine-tune products derived from natural herbs.

I believe that with government intervention, we can gain access to better machines to assess the impact of the drug on the body as well as impact of the body on the drug.



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