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The Frustrated Diplomats Daughter: Bad situations making good ones

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The Frustrated Diplomats Daughter: Bad situations making good ones

When someone says “No situation is permanent, she would run mad. She was going through an emotional trauma.

Dad brought his sister home to manage our new situation. Remember I was pregnant and I wasn’t old enough for a pregnancy. The house girl we had was more like a child in the house. She was too young and an orphan left to my mother’s helpless friend. Dad accepted her in because he thought she deserved to live some commendable life. My mother never wanted us to have an older maid because of her mischief and fear to lose her man. Aunt Robinah was on and off at our home yet dad worked abroad that most of the time, he was out of the country and besides that; he had another wife and child he lived with. Aunt Josephine’s presence at home seemed to scare my mother. Much as she did not talk, she seemed not to be comfortable with her around. She behaved like a baby whenever they took to her medicine. She would ask for me as if she trusted me most among people around her.  For the first time I saw my mother only feeling secure taking her medication in my presence or eat comfortably when I was around. She felt bad when I
stepped out of her room to take an excuse of house core or rest into my room.

A few days on she asked me to relocate to her bedroom and sleep there with her. She couldn’t stand seeing Aunt Josephine before she saw me next to her. This was very unimaginable in my entire life.

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