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More intricate situations

Hello comrades, hi? There are two things that have caused me headache while trying to get facts. The first is that “Money can’t buy love.” and the second one is “Character is born and not made.” I guess you’re now confused here and asking yourselves their relevancy of this oto my story to my story.

I don’t want to generalize , but I want to use the best example that is right before my eyes, thus;  my dad.

This man had all  the money he needed. For example,  I would be taken back to school with all the requirements in a Cross Country Mercedes Benz and I ate bread with jam every day. He did everything to please my mother but he never got her love in return.

Instead she used the money she got from him to buy love from men she fantasized about. I can’t you tell about my stepmother’s fidelity but depending on the reactions I heard from my dad confiding into aunt Josephine, I knew that she, also did not love him that much.

When I talk about character being born but not made, I need you guys to analyze things we do. There are some words I did not hear while still young but heard them as an adult. “Some women are meant to be house wives while others can just make girlfriends.” I wonder if that statement holds some water. This is queer but I’ve tried to analyze it on my own.

I learned a lot from my dad and my past that when I reached the age of puberty, no one could convince me to sit in the kitchen every day to make meals for so and so or keep in the house all day to open the door for my man  to get out in the morning and again be there to open when he returned in the evening. I also hated the chore of  breastfeeding  children, I found it to be disgusting.

Well, I’ll not cross the bridge before I reach it. There was an important trip for me and my dad to make. Those days German was still divided into East and West  The world talked about the Berlin wall. We were going to Frankfurt.  Going overseas those days did not require one to get a visa bit I tell you there were complications right from the German embassy. My fathers’ American friend Lewis in Frankfurt secured for us letters of St. Klaus Medical Center where I was going to get my hospital treatment.

My dad was required to prove that my medical situation was complicated to be managed by doctors in our country. He obtained a clearance from Mulago hospital. He also had to prove that he wasn’t kidnapping me because he had committed incest with, he was also asked to prove that I had a husband and that he was ready to give consent. He brought  letters from the police and Administrator General plus the various medical letters of the various examinations carried out on me.

As if that was not torture enough, the Germans observed strict laws. A girl below the age of 18 was not supposed to be pregnant. For that matter it was sort of  hard for me a foreigners to get to their country while expecting and worse when the expectant  mother was a minor. Mr. Lewis and his wife helped us secure the necessary documents to enter German territory. I was six months pregnant  when my dad applied for our travel and permission was granted two months later.

What happened next?



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