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The Frustrated Diplomats Daughter; Surprising discovery

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The Frustrated Diplomats Daughter; Surprising discovery

When some one says that the world is full of surprises, their other son stayed in California their home state. He was also expected that very week. Talk was he was just married but he wasn’t going to travel with his partner. They were all anxious to receive him as I was naïve. Bernard was over thirty years and a bit cool.

He was extremely handsome but unmarried. I don’t know whether the orthodox priests did not marry but he was single and seemed to be happy. John jetted in after a few days later. He was taller than the rest of the Lewis’.

He had an athletes figure. His hair was in a puff and he had earrings on both ears. He came with a dog which was as small as a domestic cat. When his mother asked him how his wife was, he replied that Paul is fine.

I don’t know whether I heard right by saying Paul. It was not too long at the dinning table when he pulled out an envelope of his wedding pictures. He had married Paul before the district attorney of San Francisco.

His wedding which did not have his parents and brother in attendance was attended by high profile celebrities who among others were a renowned senator, music artistes and film actors and actresses. Among them were lesbians and homosexuals.

‘This is crazy.’ Mrs. Lewis said after seeing the photographs. ‘So now John you’re comfortable in your life? She asked and I saw she seemed not to mean offense. She was not offended either for him to marry a fellow man.

‘We love each other very much mom.’ He said and kissed her on the temple of her face before he moved out the house. Bernard and his mother looked at each other and seemed to be amused. Bernard quickly asked whether the overnight prayers were going to be held in the chapel with the destitute.

‘We have to involve every one Bernie. We all need prayers.’ She said and caressed his shoulder as she stood up to leave the table. I was dumbstruck. These people acknowledged their differences but stood together. Do you think that is love?

Catch me next week for what happened next



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