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Census results: 50 million people and 40 million pigs

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Census results: 50 million people and 40 million pigs

The world’s population is now more than 7 billion and continues to grow by 82 million people per year. During the last half-century, the world’s population more than doubled. Between 1960 and 2010, the world population rose from 3 billion to 6.8 billion. In other words, there has been more growth in population in the last fifty years than the previous 2 million years that humans have existed.

Currently the rate of population increase is 1.2% per year, which means the planet’s human population is on a trajectory to double again in 58 years.

At any given time government should know how many people are in the country. Civic education tells us that this information enables government to plan for its people. Of course we cannot refute the fact that the same information enables government to know how many people shall be taxed. It is unfortunate that Uganda cannot tell how many people live in the country at the moment. All we have are estimations; this has been the case since  the 2002 census. Therefore there is the need to carry out population and housing statistics.  I heard a drunkard telling his colleagues that this time, even pigs will be counted. Imagine the results “50 million people and 40 million pigs”

The current census questionnaire is structured with 85 questions as compared to the 4 four questions in 2002. The increment in the number of questions follows a need by government to establish data on ownership of mobile phones, internet use, so as to evaluate the extent of millennium development goal 8 target 18, which aims at making available benefits of technologies especially information and communication technologies.

The census program’s set for 28th August-6th September 2014. The 27th will be a reference night for enumeration where members will be counted depending on where they spent this night. Household characteristics will be recorded in relation to the household head. People will be met at their convenience counting who slept in the house on those two nights.

Ugandans are called upon to respond positively. Government is sure that you are going to fill out your census form when it comes.  If you don’t return the form the area you live in might get less government money and you wouldn’t want that to happen, would you? These statistics are important in national planning.

This warning goes to all of you!!! Do not put your faith in what statistics say until you have carefully considered what they do not say. Statistics are like bikinis.  What they reveal is suggestive, but what they conceal is vital.  Sometimes they turn out to be confusing. For instance, say you were standing with one foot in the oven and one foot in an ice bucket.

According to the percentage people, you should be perfectly comfortable.  But is this true??

 Some statistics are confusing.  A man may have six meals one day and none the next, making an average of three meals per day, but that is not a good way to live.  

 There are times when people are counted in their absence. In 2002 the census takers never came to my house but I was still counted. Polygamists risk being counted several times; in each of their different homes the census takers will ask for the head of the families. Won’t this altar results?



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