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Inspiration; ‘Back your dreams with action’

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Inspiration; ‘Back your dreams with action’

Some of the people you see every day wandering from one place to another, but you can never be like them if you don’t sit down, to humble yourself, and accept to learn from them.

The outstanding lawyers in town, busy disturbing politics and deepening the opposition against this government, are not among those who always shocked the dons, at the university, because of their extraordinary performance!

These are people who we believe that their performance, in class, was not so good. They just discovered themselves, while at the university or immediately after, and it is those desires, in their hearts, that forced them to go beyond the boundaries that those, who are quick to conclude, thought they could not go beyond.

Some of the richest and most successul people in the world say it, openly, that they almost failed as far as education, in school, was concerned. They are today successful despite that. Such people, like the Bill Gates, dreamed and never stopped dreaming until they discovered it, them selves, that realized dreams are those backed with action.  

What we do today would have been done, long time ago, by those who existed before we did or by those who had such thoughts before we thought. We are in the Promised Land not because we were born to be there!  

It was because of the desire to continuously act until we got to where others, including our relatives, thought and said we would never.

The 21st century has told us to go into the world to tell it that unlike the past century, it is willing to give room to all those who are willing to work. That it will make men and women and young boys and girls rich and influential as long as such people are wiling to follow the principles we recommend to them.

In fact we were sent to deliver the message to you because the century discovered that we were the right people. The other century tested us and we fought hard and without involving ourselves in malpractice, we passed the harder exams, which were overseen by tough supervisors and invigilators.

I have seen it all, in this world, and I now think that it is one of my rights to tell the listening world, with humble and obedient hearts, that there is ‘nothing impossible.’

I used the toughest routes to arrive into the land promised. I faced all kinds of hardships. I one time thought that indeed, as they said, I was born to suffer. I grew up in real poverty and surrounded by people were overcome by negativity.

You can beat poverty and misery and worry and they run away from you forever. Looking back, I have faced great struggle and hard ships. I remember the lean years when our house with my brothers and sisters and mum became a battle ground, fighting each other every day, over small  issues.

It was poverty bringing about this. Just the lack of an exercise book could cause a terrible disagreement among us, for hours. I worried for years because I always thought that God had forgotten us.

Life threatening diseases always broke into our two roomed, ugly looking house, which resembled a ghetto hovel, and tortured us for months. A time came, during difficult years, and I thought that I was born to die while still a young boy.

It has been a tiring struggle, but thank God, we at last discovered our selves and started to dream. The world scoffed at us, as it always does to dreamers, but we never gave up. And walking ahead, deep into the world of action, I was introduced to secrets and it is these secrets, I discovered while still a young and undermined boy, which enabled me to continue to believe that really all successful men or women where not created successful.

I continued to accept that these people might have suffered more that we suffered, while growing up in the forgotten corners of the world. Just believe and act and you shall have the power.

I told you the other time! Barack Obama was known by no one. Who, among you, knew or even cared to know about Stephen Kiprotich, before he won? I have remembered a young man who once accused me of ignoring Face Book. I thought about all his accusations and knew later that the young, aimless walking young man didn’t know that Face Book started with almost nothing in the 2004.

You praise it now, but who knew Face Book? Back your dreams with action and you will get there. And remember always, that practical dreamers never give up and are always afraid of nothing.  Next week! The master key to doors of greatness is still in my possession. Bye!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer. An inspirational public speaker and a sports scientist. Have your say via 0756717967 or Email:



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