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Maneno joins the sex video craze!

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Maneno joins the sex video craze!

Ever wondered what makes life tick in the configuration of many of the excuses of human creation? Well, wonder no more for here with us is the true exemplification of that very thing. And, what thing is this, you may still wonder. If you care, then dare to read on.

In this age of slash dot com dot ug, many citizens of this darling motherland are running races competing with each other to excel in the wriggling of their mother given groin wealth. And this groin-wriggling in sexpecking,  come to whoever it may concern, is the running craze of the day.

Presently, the competition has so far been fervently pioneered and almost madly unleashed on us by none other than the so called locally-based celebrities in the television, radio and music industry. But hold on. Other players, none close to the likes of celebrity, have jumped on the bandwagon going almost beserk in a bid to outdo each other in not only exhibiting their supple bodies but also to put on show what lies between their God-given valleys between the beginnings of their thighlands. For the females, it’s first making visits to these senga wa’baana located and scattered wherever in tawo, get herbs to enliven their waterloos, elongate their twin towers in addition to how maddeningly sing the sisiiri melodies. For the males, it’s to pay hefty sums at FACO (or is it FUCKO)- this Ndeeba-based promising shop where elongation, width increase and stamina is promised to male joysticks.

Armed with these unnatural (or do you call it man’s modern solution to the carnal challenges of the day?), we have come to learn that you, you and you, are in the race to whack life out of your companions’ groins in the name of pummeling, drilling and sucking sexpleasantries . When I first heard about it, females were known to jest that it’s not the size of a male’s joystick that matters when it comes to elisting this maama nyabo hisses, the screams and baring of teeth out of prone-lying females. Mbu after forcing or enticing a female to spread wide her couple leg-lands and you hit base, it’s the scientific physical mechanism that a male puts at play, including using his pistoning tool of pleasure in the search for the G-spot lying hidden in the female hole of understanding, which makes the day. Maama nyabo!

I have heard of females hissing abuses at males for putting up a poor show of humping their pudendas, huffing and puffing only to groan out of exhaustion a couple of minutes later, subsequently falling over and readily falling asleep while they would have left them (females) having not satisfactorily scaled the heights of pleasure or reached cloud nine, so to say. Wallahi, it’s the very undoing of the male ego to be told that kimala gadancinga ne kikuleka nga oyaka. (Whatever that means!). In sheer lack of courtesy and confidentiality, you will listen to males complaining of females whose kabuniddes wreck havoc on joysticks which they slash in tiny and hurtful slashes, after the fact, courtesy of the fact that their (female’s) waterloos were near to nil or non-existing at all, to say the least. Me, I have ever listened to a male relating to colleagues how he slapped silly a female sex-mate mbu because her pussy mercilessly bruised his dear friend- the pissing and pleasure giving pendulum. On another occasion,
it was females who scratched their male companions’ faces accusing them of okuzanyira mu kaduuka kange. Poorly translated this could mean that the affected males had made such a poor performance of dribbling where nature demands that waters of love should be drilled out such that even where a well existed, a male snorts exhaustion having not even reached the existing water levels. What a challenge!

Not to be outdone by the celebrities of the day who have ekitone, non-celebrities, including Maneno, yours in service and several other chaps of similar intellectual bending, are now on the rampage carefully choosing females with well endowed valleys of love and whacking the life out of them in coloured video recordings. The wetter a female’s pussy offloads waters of love on the besieged bedspread under torture, the better. But if you chance upon a female with a hole of understanding which can gush out torrents of love juices at certain intervals, much the better. A female, be it a layer or an off-layer, which can scream love lines non-stop, hollers wild, squirms  and wriggles her waistland far better than an eel, is very much sought after. But the same males hate to service those females abaalemeramu lock doing only the sisiiri song. “Ffe sisiiri twamukoowa…..” so these males blurt.

The females of this on-going age and inkling, who care to be recorded on video, shamelessly declare that for them, they are that enchanted with males who utilize their pistons to wreck havoc inside their tunnels of love, leave alone doing this tactic of the kacapizo fame, mbu because it gives their pussies maximum respect as well as lighting fires and flooding the same, fire brigade style.

Just keep your fingers crossed because next time around you might be one of the lucky few who will watch unencumbered live recordings of some of these videos on your facebook pages unless Kayihuras’ boys or those media turncoats block them out of sheer malice. Man, haven’t we made strides in human development!   



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