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Women were created to cry

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Women were created to cry

A man recently wrote to the papers asking for advice about his romantic life. He needed to know if it is normal for his wife to cry during sex. 

Many of us have heard our neighbours’ wives and visiting girlfriends scream the roofs off the apartments in the middle of the nights. 


Men become tigers in bed and they don’t hesitate to make women pay for their sins.  These chaps lose their temper and climb their partners like ladders to the point of making them cry.

.A British study revealed that over 85 percent of women make lots of noise simply to boost their partner’s sex self-esteem.  So, have been explored for decades and across the world, and all of the studies reached the same conclusion: Women cry more than men. In the 1980s, biochemist William H. Frey, PhD, found that women cry an average of 5.3 times a month, while men cry an average of 1.3 times per month.

Tears add valence and nuance to the perception of faces. For infants, tears serve as an important communication tool, allowing them to show their need for support. That tool may also serve us well in adulthood, several recent studies have found.  Women are warned about crying; research has shown that female tears can be a sexual turnoff for men. Instead of getting aroused men end up becoming sympathetic whenever a woman cries.  

Many of us feel shame about tears. Some only shed them in the dark of movie theaters, at funerals, when curled up alone in bed, or maybe only in the confines of an office. Others quickly wipe away a single tear and issue an apology that goes something like ‘I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m crying’.  Different cultures have demanded that boys suppress this important and natural emotional reflex at all cost.  Statements like “Be tough”, “Be a man.” “Men don’t cry” and so on are meant to remind us that crying for most men is a taboo.

But sometimes we need to cry even when we are in public because it is normal and healthy.  We actually need to melt and we need to trust that others cannot only handle our tears, but can benefit from them. When you cry you feel relieved. The result of all the suppression, minimization, and hiding of tears is that we suffer alone.

Humans were not meant to suffer alone. There is need to share our feelings with others. So, if your girlfriend abandons you for another man, go right in the city centre and cry loudly.  The crowd will come to soothe you and you will go back home relieved.  



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