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Loving pets more than people ii

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Loving pets more than people ii

The more people I meet the more I love my dog. It is very possible for anyone to love animals more than fellow humans. Actually some people have been massive animal lovers from childhood. 

When I was a kid, our neighbour’s son had a cat. The little boy enjoyed chasing, harassing, and forcing to snuggle with his pet. The cat enjoyed routinely scratching the boy’s face and jumping around him in jubilation whenever he returned from school.


The two had become serious friends and none of them would live happily without the other.

The fact that animals can’t talk makes them desirable to people who don’t need noise. This means that they can’t yell at you, or fight with you, or belittle you, or try to make you jealous, or insult your intelligence, or catcall at you or ask you for things you aren’t prepared to give.

They can’t also tell you how to live your life. For people who need silence sitting with an animal is great fun for them.  This, of course, does not mean that there is no communication.  They communicate effectively with meows, barks, glances, glares, and odd body language. For instance a cat may elevate his butt and shoves his ass in the air to indicate that he wants you to scratch his back

Animals are honest and they have no ulterior motives. They don’t plot to steal your boyfriend or girlriend, or make insipid comments about your roots starting to go grey, or answer important questions with frustrated sighs. They’re all heart and gut. They do what they feel, and they can tell if you’re sad. When they love you, it’s clear. If they aren’t that into you, it’s also clear. There are no guessing games with animals. This is not the case with human beings who are hypocrites.

Nothing makes you feel important and needed more than your pet.  Humans like to be needed. It makes us feel valuable, like our existence  matters, like it would be a concrete loss to someone or something  if we died. They rely on us for food, and shelter, treatment and others.  This kind of dependence on human beings makes us feel responsible.  This is a real responsibility that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Lovers of pets actually enjoy feeling responsible for keeping their creatures healthy and happy.

One annoying thing I know about pets is that they make us servants. Sometimes they appear to be in charge and man becomes the servant.  If an alien saw a man walking his dog in the park, and observed the man “clearing up” after the dog, who do you think the alien would assume was in charge? Maybe pets keep humans.

The cats are bossier than the dogs. Cats demand for privileges from man like carrying them, feeding and others. To make matters worse they are not as appreciative as the dogs.  



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