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‘He hurt me, yet I love him still’

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‘He hurt me, yet I love him still’

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Forgiveness is paramount when youget hurt

Forgiveness is paramount when youget hurt

It was last year when I preached about forgiveness. I feel I have taken long without informing you people about the fruits of forgiving those who hurt you. It was earlier last year that I told the people in the temple to forgive one another.

I thank the army and all the security organs of this country. This country would have been on fire now. I was very backward. I grew up in deep poverty. I was surrounded by people who had lost hope and in fact were almost all the time telling me and informing me that life was so hard.

Back there, are people who have worked hard almost throughout their lives but they are still struggling and swimming in the rough waters of poverty, ignorance and true backwardness. There are things that tie us and keep us backward there where very few people can see us from. Dishonest people were taught that dishonesty makes people rich.

Liars think they must lie, all the time, to access what they want. Thieves were told that Ruparelia stole before amassing his wealth. And thieves still cannot believe it that even an election can be won honestly.

The poor are poor and the reasons for their terrible poverty are known. I am talking about true wealth. Here when I say success, I mean greatness which can be recognized wherever you will be going. We mean, when we talk about money, money that is likely to stay and be seen by even the children of your children. If you wanna get just a few things, here you might not fit.

So in you I must pour the real principles that the genuine leaders of this world are implementing. He hurt me, deeply, yet I forgave him. You cannot unchain yourself, I said, if you refused to forgive. The coward, a wise man said, cannot forgive. It’s the prerogative of the brave.

Nothing breaks families on this earth more than the refusal to forgive and forget. Oh, I wasted a lot of time trying to show my uncle that he became an enemy to me by refusing to give me the two hundred shillings I asked from him to buy a candle so as to read the book I wanted a lot to read.

My heart was filled with so much anger that my brain became inactive for some days. As I matured, I eventually understood the dangers of hate. I chose to forgive him. I moved on with life. Forgive me my trespasses as I also forgave those who cursed me. This country will prosper greatly if we can acquire the courage to stand up and say “I have forgiven you.”

A lot of time is wasted by people doing useless things. Zimbabwe is still a poverty stricken country. Why? Its leader believes the white man did so much harm to Zimbabweans and cannot be forgotten. No sanction or embargo can cause harm if a country accepts to forgive those who hurt it.

Look, and observe all people who are poor and their countries and you will see that those people are haters. Since I started writing, to serve people, I find no time to hate people. I look at the poor in our country and remember the words that were spoken to me when I was incredibly nothing. We need big success and this cannot be achieved by anybody who wishes.

So many people in this country believe they know better than I do. I do not come out dispute this. It is how they think. Every member of their families believes that those people are walking encyclopedias. But now the world asks you, what have you done with the knowledge you have?

This platform is stood on by a man who grew up suffering. And sometimes this mighty writer stayed hungry for hours. The literature teacher even never memorized my name. Now I am up in the air talking sense to those with ears.

You need to get tired and present yourself to the altar as sacrificial lamb. Your heart, I hope, is now full. Which space will use, in your already full heart, to accommodate poor manners? Before a person’s head is attacked, it’s the heart that is spoilt first.

Forgive your enemies. I have been disappointed by more people than you can imagine. People who receive my calls could not in the past years. In fact, also, you cannot settle in the temple of wisdom if your heart is not settled. I need your ear.

I need you my friend. I will feel so happy if I continue seeing you in the temple every Friday. You can get the courage to even order mountains to move away from your paths if you acquire the courage to forgive your enemies. “Conquer your enemies with love” Mahatma Gandhi was right. Let’s learn from his words! “Conquer your enemies with love”

Sekka Bagenda is a writer and an inspirational Public speaker

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