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I love the heat wave

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I love the heat wave

Ladies are now donning their shortest numbers to beat the heat

Ladies are now donning their shortest numbers to beat the heat

My neighbour yesterday, spent her entire afternoon topless. For the perverts who are getting more interested, she had a pink bra on. She took three showers thrice and also sent her toddler son four times to the shop to get her “balaafu”, a term her son can barely pronounce.

That briefly is how I can explain the heat wave in Kampala and maybe other parts of Uganda. Most often the beauty of being bald is that people respect you, something the heat from the sun can’t do. I managed to see a bald man cooling his head with mineral water.

The heat has reached deep into people’s pockets too, leaving them in the Church mouse league.

Funny thing, no official has come out to explain this irregular occurrence? Are the gods trying to make porn corn out of us? Is the sun getting closer just like Kadongo Kamu maestro Herman Basudde once said? Is the world near to its demise? Or maybe it has always been like this and we just didn’t realize.

Normally, I would like to think that the gods are angry and instead of talking to us, they use the sun to punish us. Why else would it be this hot banange?

My other neighbour told me that the heat has improved his marriage.

“We spend all night naked. It is easier to get into the mood that way,”He says. Now, about that I don’t really know but sure thing is, maybe to some it’s a blessing in disguise.

Another friend of mine highlighted than women put on sexier during the “heat wave”. Apparently, they put on light sexy clothes creating the scenery every man wants.

Anyway, it will all come to pass. Don’t forget to drink lots of water and maybe to cover the bald part of the head. You can also try as much as possible to shield your pockets from the sun.





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