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‘Badly hurt, and wounded’

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‘Badly hurt, and wounded’

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Deeply hurt

Deeply hurt

I am still determined to go on with the struggle that I vowed to start, must believe that life can change. I am determined to guide you and I, again, swear to do this whole-heartedly.

A word, rightly spoken, can mend a broken soul. You can rise to unbelievable heights!  Continue believing.  Truly successful people have secrets and these are the things that brought me here to say to you people, who were struggling with words that had hurt you so much and, therefore, were ready to keep you behind bars for years.

Until you also start to want to become like them, you may never know anything true about rich men or famous men and women. I am determined to continue pouring the shocking secrets into your mind and you, too, will at last shout out in joy saying, to those near and away, that really things are possible, if someone believes.

I have carried a message today and, I believe, this is part of the word that I must say to any body I chose to inspire at this time of the year. If you were there, and can remember, you will agree that I spent some weeks last year speaking against fear.

Whoever was present, then, I think no longer fears. Fear is the worst of all enemies. It is because of fear that some people become poor, and miserable, for the rest of their lives. This world is full of people who wish to be well but may never get there.

Do not just wish to have a Mercedes Benz or a Limousine! Wishing to become like me may not make you me. You need to know something. All the people you see around are wishing and hoping to have the greatest things that life surrenders to those who think. You must go for war, and if you lose, history books will put it that you lost but you tried.  That you began!

This country is not in fact ruled by the wisest people around. It is led by Trump-minded men and women who do not mind even when people say. Get facts, and look for facts always. You are seen! Your head is raised and, the world has understood that you are determined to step out of the zone that you had stayed in for so many years.

They must fight you. Now, you are not free. You are going to be hurt, so much, and misunderstood by people. Most of them will be your relatives. Writers who chose to inspire people are afraid to say that relatives almost did everything they could to push them down to the hard stones so that they could crush their heads and souls.

Big things take time to come.  Students whose parents pumped money into them, at Harvard, are now under pressure.   People will want to enjoy life, because you succeeded, but a few of them will come to help you pass to go and win the medal that they will all celebrate.

I stretch my head and look ahead and see what   happened to me in those days and continue to believe that everything happens for a reason. You cannot become as great as you wish unless you have ever heard some stinging comments from people who are so close to you.

People hurt and they are going to do it to you, my friend, but you will overcome! At time comes and someone who dreams fails to explain why some things happen to them.

A wise philosopher once opened my eyes when he agreed that a bank can loan you huge sums of money when you really do not need it, but this same bank will want to take what you own if you are really in need of money, and so deep into problems.

People suffer and, unfortunately, are not given any word to resurrect them. Until now, I do not know why some preachers of the gospel accuse the followers of Christ of not tithing in time. Small amounts of offertory, dropped into baskets, by struggling believers, annoy pastors and this is a known fact!

The pastors who are so ‘big’ and well-known today were so poor years ago. They forgot the life that they used to lead I today remember and want to sob. Someone is not happy. Someone, perhaps a wife, is being mistreated.

I was a victim and I know the meaning of being mistreated or misunderstood, and being falsely accused, by the very people who would have been beside you to argue you to move on.

They know less about you, now, but time will come, and they will seek you so that you may use some of your precious time telling them how you managed to overcome. And they will pay!

The daily struggles and the suffering you undergo, now, are understood by the people who matter, and mind.  We are here with you my friend. Do not fear. The world wants to know only one thing: Have you succeeded?

We remember the words that were told to us but now, we possess no choice. To succeed is our business. Whether wounded, hurt, or broken, pick yourself up and fight on and never turn back!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer

An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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