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‘Ignore the bodies’

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‘Ignore the bodies’


Workers toiling away at a construction site

Workers toiling away at a construction site


It’s now clear that we are, and listening to me whenever I command you to obey. Sometimes, I say this arrogantly. You listen, still. Now, believe! Something must happen!

Witch craft is on the increase. Look, you have to know that the demand for money and the big things of life is so high. Someone sees a young man scooping a BET and he or she develops a rotten heart which forces him to engage in things that will cripple him for years.

Envy me, and my hangers-on, but know one thing: We left sleep and suffered and wandered, across this earth, looking for fortune. Oh dear, my nose was knocked by several people. This head, of mine, one time grew so hard because the world hard knocked in it and my heart, too, decided to become hardened.

I can not look back! Incarcerate your political opponents. I cannot interfere with you.  Wait, you have been friends for over three decades.  Fight and fight. Here, at the temple, we do not care.

I applaud politicians. They have gone slow on me. If they come running faster, to attack me, I swear, I will cripple some of them. I have so many weapons. Just commanding, and a lot of black ink will be spread across this paper and you know very well, you will have to cry.

Now, listen to us as we teach the world how to make its own money. You will build the roads when you want. You will improve this city when the time comes. In Kenya, the elections, about to happen, are talked about.

There is devolution in Kenya.  And the people, there, have started enjoying the fruits of the system. Here, you are busy throwing fists at each other. We too are human beings! Go slow.

I do not want. I do not want to go a step further to reveal all the secrets you possess to this temple audience.  The struggle is my life. You see, wars are now fought across the world. All people, it seems, want to ‘eat’.

Up, in south Sudan, Machar and Salvar will forever continue to show the power of greed to the entire public. An American can not invade your territory unless he has seen the glittering item that he desires to own himself.

People do not fear these days, and you, who thought good things are easily acquired, wake up. Wake up now! That musician is young, as you can see, but, let me tell you, his feet bled before he got there.

It will be here only that you will know whatever those people did to climb up to sit with us, here, at this oval table. ‘Illuminatti’, you will hear this and that. Besigye this, Besigye that. Museveni so aged. Museveni this!   Museveni now that. Blah blah blah!

Whatever it is!!  I am here to tell you.  It is just beginning. I am going, to say it all.  Greatness, earned honestly, is there. Ignore the bodies!

In fact, a lot of failures, lets imagine, are surrounding you. Do not lose hope.  So many writers, that I began with, did not make it into paradise.  They did not put their minds, and hearts, into the game. Oooh my dear, ours, the journey for writers, is so long.

Very few writers make it to these tables, around here, where the mightier Bagenda is rubbing soldiers with the most feared, and the most respected, and the mightiest in the world. I held on to my small weapons and continued to fight on.

The police post at Namirembe Cathedral knows what they one day did to me. These men, in fading uniforms, one evening found me at the Cathedral during small hours meditating, and thinking my own things.

I was lying down, on a smooth stone in the cathedral compound, along the exit road. They held me by my left hand and led me to take me for interrogation. I liked their questions. But I knew one thing, they couldn’t defeat my brain.

So they left empty handed. No airtime! No Sekka Bagenda! I thank the police force for following what I today say. They would have been even more brutal on men like Besigye.

So many men and women have failed. Some one is ready to discourage you. This journey to such greatness has been long but it has been belief, backed by Stamina, and so much willingness to work, and the ability to think, that has enabled me to see these things that they say glitter more than gold.

In war, Gen. Katumba knows this; you must ignore the bodies of your colleagues if you are to win the hardest battles. Count the bodies, and spend your time doing that, you will be shot at. You will lose your life!

Go away from there, and mean business! Appreciate us, we who never forget to warn you against some things. We are fighting a war. We are busy at work. And let’s not look back.

I started it and I shall finish it! And these men and women you see, here, crying, with gaunt and rugged faces, will one day see the way through. Stay focused!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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