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The internship reality check

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The internship reality check

here is what will make you change your mind. The goose bumps will not stop from the time you you’re given that letter to the very day you leave that organization. (The exceptional will only be if it is your father’s company).

Different from campus, it is only a week before you forget your father’s home and the values you were endorsed with. In a week you’re already lost in your friends and there is no pressure being a campuser. Not until another call strikes you, the Internship call.

The two months seem very short but that will change the day you will take up that step.

More so if your ancestors left you to drown yourself and you ask for a placement in a high profiled organization. Say a bank. Being there by 8am and leaving at 5pm five days a week will not be a problem, and that you will do gladly as you know a positive impression is your first goal. Only equipped by your new outfit, you will imagine having it all.

However that is only in your little brain. You’re expected to know it all. From running a photocopying machine, to picking letters for your organization. Not forgetting serving tea and bringing lunch for any member of staff.

On top of that, you’re expected to know the basics of your area of interest. This you get from your University. So if you’re the kind that dodged your lectures, then the pressure is more likely to increase. This is the most all round job you will live to remember.

And the must need you will have to impress your supervisor at work will only get you overworked. This is a full time employee who is there to look for a living. Don’t expect him to be all yours like you’ll pay his salary.

His dream is working less and earning more from the organization. And because of that fact, he’ll only be available for you at the most least second.

No sane being would ignore his desk work to help an internee. That’s the reason why, you’re going there to train in the basics you already know not the imagery wide perception of interning to learn something.

Not all is lost though, you’re going to learn how to be in a highly rated office, keeping indoors of a quiet and busy environment with no sketch of noise at all. No weewee for you.

Afford to lousily open your mouth and that will be the end of you being in that office. Your local experiences and phases will be binned at the door of that organization and here, you will learn to talk, walk, dress and behave professionally.

Don’t be afraid of the air conditioner, lifts, cafeterias, and the like, that’s a normal environment that should be a must to everyone working elsewhere.  And that, you will surely learn from your internship.

But as you practice this new living, there is definitely an academic log book where you’re expected to write reports about your work plan. And this is on a daily basis.

Whether you simply served tea or picked letters, the log book must be filled and this is academically. That fact will strike you and no one will understand returning a spaced log book. This is where creativity comes in and borrowing knowledge from friends.

And to the sisters, you will surely dress to impress. And they will surely be impressed. If you fall in that trap of impressing them, you definitely won’t miss out on the lifts and dinners. Provided you agree on serving him dinner in return.

And you will imagine having it all while sitting in that car. Not forgetting that will only be for two months and you will be gone. For that will be history to him since there is another batch coming in. Another fresh batch I must say.

All will be left of you will be counting the number of dinners you had and the telephone number which will be either busy or switched off. And it will be the usual excuse, ‘am busy, call me later.” Which later may never come?

The few lucky ones will land on serious work oriented organizations where they will be trained and shaped into responsible ladies and gentlemen and their two months of practice will add value to their academic struggle.

Where and what will you be for your training?



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