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Why men do not go for women’s wealth

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Why men do not go for women’s wealth


Many men would fear a wealthy woman of Oprah's stature

Many men would fear a wealthy woman of Oprah’s stature

When someone told me that when parents have girls at home they put a notice on the gate “Be aware of dogs”. When the girls grow up and they are unmarried parents change the notice and put “Chickens for sale here”.

And when the girls clock to 35 without getting married the concerned parents now write at the gate saying “Houses for rent”.  To man marriage is a decision while to a woman it is luck: Luck that comes after serious prayers.

I recently shared a conversation with a female friend of mine in her mid thirties. She confessed having failed to get a good man for marriage despite the achievements in her career path.  She said, I own property, I have got a great car, I’m independent and I’m ambitious. Why can’t I get a good man to marry me?”

I told her the truth, and it seemed to shock her. She needed to know that most guys don’t care about any of that. They want the hottest, youngest girl they can find that pumps their egos and make them feel like a million bucks. This is something that most ladies don’t know.

When women see a man with status and wealth and power that man genuinely starts becoming more attractive to them. To a man, however, a woman looks the same to him whether she is powerful and wealthy or not.

The truth is that status and riches don’t attract men the way they attract women. Take for instance Oprah Winifrey is a billionaire and is nowhere close to being a sex symbol to men. Even to a gigolo who uses powerful women for money, those women never actually become any more attractive to him as a result of the wealth and status

Women get attracted to men because of what the men say while the men get attracted to women because of how they look. This explains why men lie and women use makeup.  Despite the assumption by many males that women cease looking for sex, men and marriage after the age of 50, the fact is that, as one gynecologist put it, “they remain interested in all these things until cremation.”

The character of a good wife is engrossed in God’s blueprint for marriage, God has assigned roles for both the wife and the husband.  A godly wife was a woman who has a healthy fear and respect of God.

A woman who is obedient to God’s will for her life.  A woman who seeks to fit into the needs of her husband as they work together to accomplish the tasks that God has assigned to them.  She is also a woman who is submissive to her husband.










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