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‘You are going to succeed’

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‘You are going to succeed’


yes we can. I am here, full of energy, and I still believe you will at last get whatever you sought.

I do not care, let them yell insults at us but I know all people shall run away, from the other end, to come along here to also take up what is in store for them.

We are going to make the dumb want to talk. The blind, in the head, shall also see. Nothing changed me but the word spoken to me.

I am going to say to you things and, these things, if they enter your head, they will never live you down. Today sit down and ask how really a wise man can be made. We suffer a lot.

God chooses you to go and deliver His message, and if it’s about telling people about how they must get out of poverty, He, this God, first introduces you to Mr.Poverty so that he may torture you, to teach you lessons.

I wouldn’t have known the ruthlessness of that thing called poverty if it didn’t trounce me hard. Oh dear, it is poverty that killed most of the people that I loved. We were hammered and we learnt.The rest went and I survived.

Let’s move on. We must not fear the sharp stones here. The thorns almost every day prick me but I said I came so ready, and we shall go together, until it happens.

The congregation has indeed grown. In the beginning it looked impossible, to those who didn’t believe it that everything has its beginning and that all determined people succeed. If you have just come on board, I welcome you.

It’s not too late. You too can begin, now, and you will eventually see the happiness we are today experiencing here.  It begins, and it must end.

I know one thing and this keeps people struggling almost throughout their lives. They say hard work pays and indeed it does but see, so many people, after looking around for fortune, for years, and find none, they lose hope and give up.

There is no one who succeeded in life who didn’t concentrate on that thing that he dreamed of accomplishing. Because I cried and stopped, I therefore possess convincing evidence to back what I say here. You are going to one day see the things of life that you desire.

Because I was so poor for so many years, but struggled and escaped from the jail, overseen by poverty, I know that any person who gets tired, and riots to let others hear, can in fact also manage to escape and be free.

What do you think it would have been, in America, if whenever a black person was shot by a white police man there, blacks didn’t come out, to protest?  The black man, there, would still be a very backward person.

The demonstrations there, by the blacks, deter the police from continuing with their brutal acts against the stubborn black youth there.

When you finally know that enough must be enough, you cannot remain sitting to mourn. We live in a dangerous world where almost every one wants to step on the rest, again and again, until he acquires more and more.

Who said that your politicians you sent to the house will all work for you for? Who said? We have been studying and analyzing politicians here and in the entire world, for decades. These are people who have been ambitious for a very long of time.

Some even vowed, during their childhood, that they would become rich and powerful if they grew up. You will stop some things from happening to you and to those that you care about but, there are corners you may never reach, to know more about, in politics.

They will travel by any means they want, even if we like it or not. Now that is why I tend, so much, to see that here we mind our business. See, if I want so much to stretch my neck to see what happens, inside there, our time may be lost. And in doing so, a lot of our men and women in politics will be mangled.

Your business is to succeed. The African-American is equal to the white man and he is therefore seeking freedom. You cannot oppress me before I permit you. And who gave you that right?

We all deserve the best. I cannot give up. I see the source and, with you, I must soldier on. Do not be intimidated, my friend. What you go through, as you look for what is yours, is what power wielding men, here,went through.

I know you suffer but, they also cried, like babies, asking God to help them. Someone is just selfish but I believe what he has is enough, for him, and he should, therefore, let others also pass, into paradise. Your time willcome. You are going to succeed.  Think, and work and never give up!

Sekka Bagenda is a writer, An Inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist.

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