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Boxer, pistol in hand, runs into the house

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Boxer, pistol in hand, runs into the house

Boxer, pistol in hand, runs into the house

Boxer, pistol in hand, runs into the house

Asalaam alaikum. This is the story of Naluyima. Naluyima is a female Lugave clan name. She calls me Mwanyinaze Hajji, since I also come from the Lugave clan.

“Mwanyinaze Hajji, on my way home around Mulago, I met a boxer. As a day scholar, I was coming from Kitante Secondary School on my way to Makerere Kivulu, where I stayed with Auntie Nabatanzi. The boxer was dark, short and stout; in all he was relatively good-looking and ever smart. He was a boxer with Kampala Boxing Club.

“I continued to meet him after classes on my way and he would accompany me home. He later got a car and started collecting and dropping me home. He went on to bring some goodies for Auntie, who liked him very much for his kindness. He was always quiet and calm. He used to handle issues calmly and he never resorted to violence. Little did I know that Senga was discussing with him about me getting married to him.

“At school I was on and off because of tuition fees. Boxer would offer to clear my fees which he used to do in time.

“He started taking me to his home, but at first I feared entering his house thinking that he would rape me. He assured me that, he was not such a muyaye to rape a friend. I entered his house and it was such a nice home on Mawanda Road. I feared his wife found me around. He swore to me that he did not have one and was staying with his brother who was at Kampala High School.

“After some three months, I confirmed that he was actually telling me the truth. It is when Boxer, through Senga, proposed that I start staying with him.

“Mawanda Road is nearer Kitante than Makerere Kivulu (Makiv) I was already tired of walking back and forth from Makivu. So I moved in with Boxer.

“He was not promiscuous and we trusted each other. He was a loving guy. He provided everything I wanted, and not forgetting Senga in Makiv.

“He took me to a driving school and in Senior Four, NZE, OWOLUGAVE NALUYIMA, was parking my car beside that of the Headmaster. I was the envy of everybody and well behaved that I was appointed the Timekeeper Prefect.

“When the S4 results came out, I had 17 points in eight subjects. Boxer offered to pay my fees up to University, happy me, Hajj!

“Young as he was, Boxer’s congratulations came with a Rav4 car key. That day I also collected all the condoms in the house and kept them deep in the pit latrine.

“For HSC, I wanted to go to Makerere College School. Again Boxer had no objection. He was ever willing to make me happy.

“At the college I was nicknamed the Rav4 girl because of my car. I continued to be a much disciplined girl, and was appointed Deputy Head Girl.

“Incidentally, around the third term in S5, I got pregnant. Boxer was very wise that he took me to the Administrator General’s Office and we got married. Boxer went to the Headmaster and presented my case. I don’t know how Boxer handled him but the Headmaster accepted my case and I continued with my studies while pregnant.

“I performed well and joined the University to do a B Com on a Government sponsorship. In second year at the University I was already pregnant with Boxer’s second child and he was building for me a house at Kanyanya. The house on Mawanda Road was a rented one. Soon we were to shift to our own house.

“Mwanyinaze Hajj, all this time I had not bothered to ask Boxer where he was working to make me live in such a comfort zone. I was simply enjoying my life.

“He would sometimes come very late in the night but I was used to that. I never suspected him of having come from other women, but it was always business, that delayed him as, he claimed.

“One night around 2.00 am, Boxer came knocking very violently. I ran to the door very fast to open because there seemed something wrong with him.

“When I opened, Boxer, with a pistol in his hand was with two other guys holding  AK 47s; one bleeding, stormed the house. He ordered me to close the door immediately and they ran into the guest room.


To be continued. Thanks for your time. Asalaam alykum.




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