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This team Express FC

This team Express FC

This team Express FC

Football followers across the country have been down on their knees for months, asking the almighty to help Express FC not sink like a stone to the so called big league.  Thank you all administrators and the players of SCVilla for knowing all the reasons why Express had to remain in this un attractive league. These are things that I have always wanted to say to football administrators in this country.

Magogo should know. It will take some time from now for our football to thrive without the active participation of this club Express FC.  I am an influential sports scientist but I have spent some time away from Wankulukuku stadium. I love Express FC but Express no longer has players who can attract busy people like me to stadiums in this country.

Other teams have garnered points but their way of playing our game is almost similar to that of Express players. I saw no reason why I had to be there for Magogo, Edgar Watson and others. The game is rotten. Express had to remain. Thank you all sports loving men and women for coming out to get involved in the Save Express FC Campaign.

The BET award winner should claim for more awards. He stood firm and said he was together with us when our team was sinking like a stone to the flour of the polluted ocean. Express FC is still important and any football leader in this country who thought we deserved relegation is an enemy, of the game.I investigated a lot, especially as the league wound up.

Almost no one at FUFA wanted Express to leave us here struggling alone with unprofitable football .Very few people in this country will stand with you when you are in problems. So many millionaires in this country looked on as the Red Eagles struggled but let me inform you people that some of your businesses  would have sunk with Express if the worst thing happened to it.

The survival of Express should be regarded as a miracle by all people e who have tried and failed. We conceded five goals against Vipers. I don’t think there is any player in the Express team who wanted such a terrible thing to happen to their team. The fans too wanted points.We were terribly thrashed by Mulindwa’s Vipers. Mind your business.

Lawrence Mulindwa grew up supporting Express FC. It was now business, so he ordered the coach and the players of Vipers to smash all available opponents mercilessly.  Mulindwa has invested a lot of money in Vipers football club. He wants his money back. He built a facility at Kitende that even this tax loving government is afraid to try to erect. He wants his money back.

Vipers had to pave its way to more big things at the other level up, to   let money in.  Our   demoralized team had to lose.  It was a miracle for Express to survive relegation.

What do you think enabled a team that more fifteen teams, except villa, were against, to stay up? It was God. UPDF had chances. URA could give way to Proline. God has His own ways of acting and when He says it must be, it has.

We had vowed never to stop attacking your administration Magogo if you allowed a team thatmattered, to be relegated. New teams are here and are hyped.  Vipers or Onduparaka will obey and humble themselves but it must be knownand considered seriously that it is not easy for a football team to exist for more 50 years with such a great following like Express FC has been.

I don’t know what will happen tomorrow to Onduparaka or Soana or Mbarara City or even Vipers. We should learn to respect people with experience.

An aging corrupt official should be told that this country belongs to his children’s children. Edgar Watson, there is no way you would have safely sat in your chair if Express FC was relegated. This team is still important. It will surprise you to find out that almost 80 percent of the football coaches in this country are staunch followers and supporters of Express FC.

Go to FUFA. Handle themwell. They will open up and will therefore talk endlessly about why Express hadto remain in the league. Government officials know what can put food in their berries. Engineer Magogo would have experienced the beginning of the end of comfort as the most important manager of football in Uganda if Express lost to Masavu football club.

Things are started and they last for decades for reasons. Someone near Magogo might have spoken to the mighty Kassim Nakibinge before more could be decided about the future of Express FC.

People just fear to come out to fight for what they own. Express FC and Sports Club Villa and KCCA still remain the only dependable heart for Ugandan football. People in Mutundwe are annoyed. I don’t care.  Businessmen fought hard and put in more, so that Express could be axed. Express remained.

Express FC is still more important than all the clubs that have lifted the most important trophies in this country in the past five years. Thanks to Prophet Samuel Kakande and all people with religion who played for Express FC.


SekkaBagenda is writer

An inspirational Public Speaker and a Sports Scientist

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