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‘Things easy to say’


‘Things easy to say’

Until now there is no serious politician who is here now as serious as Kiiza Besigye was, during his years.

Until now there is no serious politician who is here now as serious as Kiiza Besigye was, during his years.

We should bow our heads together as one and cry because, until now, there is no serious politician who is here now as serious as Kiiza Besigye was, during his years.  A man who came to rule, for life, must be fought by people with no time to stage concerts or to go back to bars to collect that little money that they think people, who married the bottle, have.

It is now less than three years to the next general elections. Success comes to people who thought and planned, and acted not for one month as the majority of vocal young politicians do. What is now happening in Uganda today that can stop president Museveni from standing again? Nothing.

If politics in Uganda has become a very profitable business, I will one day stand here and urge you people to seriously enter this business and we, together, make money. Stop sitting in Kampala. Move around. Uganda is sinking every day.

Mr. Odongo and the ministers that employed him vowed to keep the PLE exams from the hands of thieves. I think they leaked ladies and gentlemen. I am today out of poverty. We are not very angry citizens as some of you have accused us. Some people think we are fighting for nothing.

This is a struggle   I started while seeing. I was sober. I researched and discovered how hard the journey would be. Let’s not take some things for granted. If someone, who is there, tells you that it’s hard work that pays. Pay attention. It is true. The automobile that you need cannot come by itself to where you are. These things are worked for. A man or woman who thinks perseverance and patience don’t pay will never achieve anything that people see and praise.

Who would not qualify if he was facing Tanzania, Lesotho or Cape Verde? Who would not? No one. Don’t ask me to write about your triumph. That was expected. We had to qualify. Go to the bottom of this business, football, FUFA. We people with brains, who passed through fire, to write so that people would worship us cannot waste our ink to praise a federation which is fully supported with huge funds from the government but has ignored a young boy in Katwe, who scores more than five goals on a daily basis. Because Uganda is full of ignorant people who will not read this article, you are going to be praised because in 2019 the cranes are in Cameroon for AFCON.

Let’s build football Mr. Magogo. No one is fighting you as you say. We are busy people. We are investors who have assets.  Assets like these lines that the world will forever look at.  So we are telling you the truth because we have been around here.

We loved football and we once threw stones fighting because Express was losing. We are talking a lot FUFA. Let’s act.  Godfrey Kirumira was seen by the likes of Luba Kyooya as the only problem that Express FC had during his days. He quit and men and women who thought they loved the team more than Kirumira took over. Nothing to praise happened and Express FC almost perished a few years later. Isn’t it time for us to work together?

Ladies and gentlemen isn’t it time, for us to know that Uganda is for us all? Men in power today said Obote and Idi Amin were the only problem that the country had ever had since independence. Whenever I go to the city centre people surround me and tell me how good Amin was.

They point to very firm buildings that were built during the regimes of Obote and all other rulers that made Uganda a failed state according to historians. You too have failed, yet you carried guns and fought your fellow men, to force them stop eating.

Mr. President I think now you are alone, who needs this country to go ahead. Almost all the people I observe, whenever I move around, are not working for you, president Museveni or this country. Their stomachs are so empty and, I am telling you, all their eyes are glued to the plate and, they are eating.

People are eating the tax payer’s money Mr. President on a daily basis. Some DEOs in this country are in office because they sponsored influential politicians in the last election campaigns. They were promised to be in things, if the next employer won. But who is the problem of this country? Will the people serving, down here, go when president Museveni goes?

Magogo, the people you are working with worked with Denis Obua too. Expresses has been in Uganda for more than fifty years. Kiryowa Kiwanuka is today working with people who worked with Kirumira or Kabenge and Nakiwala Kiyingi. Let’s work together please.   Uganda is our country. What shall we say to the children’s children and God Himself?

You say you will not employ people that have worked with Museveni. Are these people without ambitious children who are saying they will one day be leaders of this country? Nearly all elected people whether in the ruling party or not, are looting this country. And their children are also coming.



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