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Uganda gov’t threatens stern action against people with fake COVID-19 results


Uganda gov’t threatens stern action against people with fake COVID-19 results

Katumba Wamala

Minister of Works and Transport Gen. Edward Katumba Wamala has warned flight passengers who forge Covid-19 results will face stern action including deportation.
“Our Airport is now open but everyone is required to first have a Covid-19 test. If you can’t move with the documents, take a photo of your results. We highly discourage anyone from using fake documents,” he said.

Speaking at a news conference at the Uganda Media Centre on Tuesday, October 6, Katumba said that the airport will risk closure again in-case of any mistake that may lead to the spread of the virus.

“Anyone that presents fake results at the airport risks getting Entebbe airport closed again because we would be spreading the virus to other nations,” he added.

Katumba revealed that the Airport has been availed with a system which detects fake results.

“Please don’t try to forge because we will be forced to take you back to the airlines and you will be deported,” he warned.

He further said that the issue of congestion at the borders is because of the double Covid-19 tests.

“This matter has been with us for quite a time. At one time we had agreed that in-case someone tests at the border maybe in Kenya, then there is no need of testing in Uganda but there was some disagreement about the tests, so that is what has brought congestion but we are working on it,” Katumba said



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