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Gospel icon Fiona Wamala emerges from the shadows of her father

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Gospel icon Fiona Wamala emerges from the shadows of her father

Fiona Wamala rising from her fathers shadow

Fiona Wamala rising from her fathers shadow

Any serious gospel music lover will tell you that Fiona Wamala is a living legend when it comes to gospel music. Its no wonder that she is referred to as the ‘jajja of gospel’(though her age wont qualify her to be a grandmother).

Back in the 90’s long before the current wave of Bugembes and Babiryes’ Fiona ruled the airwaves with her soulful gospel music.

On her recent visit to The Sunrise office she confirmed what many have been whispering, she told Sunrise that” I have decided to come back and revive my once vibrant music career due to my fans demand and also making sure that my father’s memory doesn’t die in vain”..

What makes Fiona a power to reckon is the fact that she doesn’t only sing, but she writes her own songs and this doesn’t mean a handful of them, nay! She has so far 14 albums of both Gospel and love ballads.

She has promised to bring back the memories of yonder years with her classical gospel songs like ‘Bisuule’ which rocked radio stations in the 90’s! Mixed with the more new songs like ’Power’ and Yesu waddala among others.

Fiona has so far organized a comeback show at theater Labonita, but according to her she insists that the organizer didn’t advertise it properly, its because of this and many inquiries from fans who proclaimed that they were not aware of the Labonita show, that she has decided to organize another show at the national theater, that she has called ‘love show’ a show she is promising to be a splendor show asked about the dates, she had this to say ” I can now confirm that the show is on, and will be at the National Theater on 12th this month” she also sent a plea to her fans that” come and support me and expect to get the best from me,”!

When our reporter asked her why the love show, she emphasized that being a gospel singer doesn’t mean that you cant sing love ballads! She said “I am proud to be called a gospel singer, this is because I promised the lord that I will serve him, but this doesn’t mean that one cant sing love songs, that are clean.” she also added that,” on that day I will sing three kind of songs, I will sing my songs, then dad’s songs and also will sing some copyright songs from European and american singers”!she made a plea to all fans of gospel and love songs to come and support her .She promised all who will attend a performance they will never forget.

“Emerging from the shadows of my father”

The 4th child of late classical singer Elly Wamala, Fiona started her music in the shadow of her late father and she recounts that she could then recite her father’s lyrics word by word, but somewhere along the way she decided to take a different channel from her father, that of singing Gospel music.

Fiona chose to adopt her father’s name ‘Wamala’ because she finds it worthy baring the name of her role model and her mentor. ‘My music is in my blood, just like my father’ Fiona

Fiona’s Love life

Currently, Fiona who had a controversial Marriage history says she is happily married but prefers not to drag her love life into the media.

‘Am married but I would rather not drag my hubby in the murky world of the media because, personally I don’t have a happy history with the media’. Fiona said
Fiona Wamala is back
Recently she staged a show at Theatre Labonita that attracted performances from Judith Babirye, Afrigo, Simon and many other Gospel artists.

‘Though my show wasn’t given the needed publicity a number of people turned up to witness the return of Fiona’ she adds.

Currently, Fiona stays in Gaba where she owns a Fashion Boutique.


In her opinion and the current musical beefing in Uganda’s music industry, she says that all musicians need to come together and promote the industry ,‘ My cry is that lets work together as artists with nothing like competition and beef and everyone should know that we are all originals, Jesus doesn’t make duplicates’

As a parting she had this advice to give to the music family of Uganda,” let every artist sing for the Almighty God at least one song, to praise him for the talent that he bestowed on them, take note that Jesus is the way the truth and the life”.



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