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Ex-Bishop urges Basoga to preserve unity


Ex-Bishop urges Basoga to preserve unity

Retired Bishop Michael Kyomya

Retired Bishop Michael Kyomya

The retired bishop of Busoga Diocese Dr. Sosan Aaron Michael Kyomya says his years of service in the diocese was time well spent because he managed to rally Christians behind and create a strong foundation for ministry and development.

Last Sunday January 24, Kyomya narrates that he inherited untold turbulence and disunity among Christians which he successfully fought.

“The time I was elected a bishop, my first thought was to convene reconciliatory meetings across the whole diocese to urge Christians to re-unite around Jesus Christ our master but God worked out everything and I saw people massively and happily attending the consecration.

From then on, it was total unity and I did not even cause meetings of reconciliation as I had thought. I am happy that I am leaving a united flock,” he notes.

Bishop Kyomya succeeded the controversial pioneer Bishop of Busoga Cyprian Bamwoze who had turned down calls by the leadership of the Church of Uganda to step down.

Bidding farewell to the media on last Thursday at the headquaters of the newly created Busoga Diocese at Bugembe, Dr Kyomya 65, says Christians should work hard to preserve the unity by embracing the team system he started as one way of supporting church activities and love the new bishop the way they loved him.

Through team system, Christians are required to willingly and voluntarily offer twice a year to the diocese for running day-to-day activities in the office of the diocese.

He says that during his 15 year tenure in office, the Diocese constructed a magnificent office block at Christ’s cathedral Bugembe which is one of the best in the province of Uganda. Formerly, the diocesan offices were located along Main Street in Jinja town.

Kyomya also boasts of renovating Christ’s Cathedral Bugembe which had been dilapidated, into a respected church that is cherished by all Christians and admired by visitors.

“I personally championed a charity walk within the diocese and outside to raise funds for renovating the cathedral and it now befits being a Diocesan headquarters” says Kyomya.

He is now set to lecture at Busoga University in the faculty of divinity and the university is in the process of elevating him to a professor.

Last Sunday, Rev. Canon Paul Samson Naimanhye 56, was last Sunday installed as the new Bishop of Busoga Diocese in a well attended function.



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