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Johnson breaks Britain, then runs away


Johnson breaks Britain, then runs away

The man who instigated Britain to divorce Europe, says he wont stand for PM

IT's You. Not it's you: Boris Johnson (l) has 'quit' the Conservative Leadership race after David Cameron (r) said he will resign

IT’S YOU. NO IT’S YOU: Boris Johnson (l) has ‘quit’ the Conservative Leadership race after David Cameron (r) said he will resign

Boris Johnson, the former mayor of London who led the Leave campaign in Britain and greatly influenced Britain’s exit from the European Union has thrown in the towel – he doesn’t want to lead his country into the turmoil it faces.

Johnson’s shocking refusal has thrown British politics into deeper confusion and has caused so much anger in his party with many branding him the greater political wrecker of his era while others accused him of ripping apart the conservative party.

Johnson was the firm favourite to take up the position of leader of the Conservative Party and eventually become Prime Minister in a race that includes UK’s home secretary Theresa May.

Revelations by British media suggests that Boris Johnson has since the Brexit vote, become elusive and unreliable.

His biggest backer Michael Gove, also MP said he decided to jump into the race rather reluctantly because Johnson wasn’t up to the job.

The Independent online quoted Gove as saying: “I have come, reluctantly, to the conclusion that Boris cannot provide the leadership or build the team for the task ahead…I have, therefore, decided to put my name forward for the leadership.”

Johnson’s withdrawal from the leadership of Britain comes hot on the heals of the forthcoming resignation of the country’s popular prime minister David Cameron.

Many politicians, including Cameron say they do not want to engage an enraged Europe in negotiations over the future of Britain. Indeed, they rightly sense that the stance in Europe has hardened following warnings that Britain will not be allowed to pick and choose privileges of free trade while ignoring obligations such as accepting in more migrants.

Johnson’s withdrawal captures the widely shared view that many people in Britain who voted to leave Europe are now regretting their decision and fear for the times ahead.

This sense of regret is however more damaging to the UK as it it contributing to a deep sense of lack of confidence and a sense of hope that is needed for investment.



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