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UK inches close to No-Deal Precipice as Boris Johnson is chosen PM


UK inches close to No-Deal Precipice as Boris Johnson is chosen PM

Boris Johnson is set to be UK's Prime Minister

Boris Johnson is set to be UK’s Prime Minister

Conservatives in United Kingdom have chosen London’s former Mayor and strong Euro sceptic Boris Johnson to be their next leader and as well as UK’s next Prime Minister.

Johnson beat his only challenger and current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt with more than 64% of the total votes cast. He is slated to succeed outgoing Prime Minister Theresa May on Wednesday.

The Election of Johnson, a strong supporter of the No-Deal Brexit strategy is the latest yet in the unfolding drama and controversy that has characterised the unending divorce between the UK and the European Union.

Johnson has said he would try to negotiate a new deal with Europe but also warned his countrymen to prepare for a No-Deal Brexit by October 31, 2019.

But Johnson’s stance has triggered alarm in various sections of UK’s business and political class.

Three former prime ministers, Sir John Major, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, have told Boris Johnson that opting for a no-deal Brexit would be unacceptable.

Economists have argued that a No-Deal Brexit is dangerous for the UK economy. In fact, some analysts have said that the prospect of a No-Deal Brexit may have sent UK into recession.



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