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What makes Nakasero market tick?


What makes Nakasero market tick?

Florence Etadu speaks (l) speaks to Anita Muhanguzi

Florence Etadu speaks (l) speaks to Anita Muhanguzi

If you are that person who goes to markets then I am sure you know how different Nakasero market is from the rest of the markets around Kampala city. Consider its sanitation, organisation, size and its population. This market is well known for clean fresh fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat.

Nakasero market started in 1927 with those commodities but now has a wide range including rare tubers and medicinal products.

Nakasero is less congested as compared to St. Balikuddembe and other markets in Kampala. Could this be the reason why they call it the “executive” market? Or it is “executive” because of the class of people who shop there? Both are applicable.

Florence Atedu, the director and treasure of Nakasero Market Sitting Vendors and Traders Limited (NMSSVTL), has been at this market since 1987.

“The market was much better in the earlier years than today,” she says. “We were much fewer, the stalls were very well organized and there was sufficient parking space.”

Though more congested the market is today, there are daily efforts to keep it clean.

“A track from Nabugabo Updeal (cleaning company) comes to collect garbage three times a day. We make sure the market is clean,” Etadu says.

Evelyn Byaruhanga has been working in this market for 22 years and she has no regrets.

“I have managed to take my three kids to good schools from what I get from this market. Their father had another family. He neglected us. I had to take that burden of looking after my kids and this market has done wondors for me,” Byaruhanga tells me.

“Yes we have challenges but my achievements are much more than my challenges. Sometimes things get hard but then you cannot just forget your goals. You sometimes just need to discuss with the senior people here to solve certain problems,” she adds.

Mary Apio of Kisaasi shops most of her fruits and vegetables here. “I prefer this market because it is less congested and its products are fresh. Look at Owino [St. Balikuddembe]. When you are walking through it you are scared that someone might grab your bag. People keep pulling you to buy from them. Nakasero is descent and that is the reason I prefer to shop here,” she tells me.



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