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Producer Nessim Mukuza


Producer Nessim Mukuza

A self-made man who defied the odds of poverty

Self made producer Nessim

Self made producer Nessim

Nessim Mukuza is one of the music industry’s favorite producers with unique sound beats. He has worked with artistes like A Pass, Ykee Benda, Cherry na Nina, Harmonize and produced hit songs for both upcoming and big artistes.

Born 25 years ago, Nessim was raised from a very humble background. His mother the late Resty Nalukwago sold charcoal in Wandegeya, to eke out a living while his father Sulaiman Njuba was a driver.

Nessim went to Mulago community primary school where he did his Primary Leaving Examinations (PLE) and the stress of school fees forced to end his studies at that level.

He joined the entertainment industry as a ground promoter selling compact discs of music and movies. It is from there that he became a dancer something he thought he would do for the rest of his life.

“After PLE, I became a dancer; I always believed dance was my life career,” says Nessim.

In 2008, Nessim opted for music. With the help of his big brother Zuba, he recorded his first song and it was produced by his brother.

“My big brother Zuba produced my first song Muggye mwe abakooye.” It was a gospel song that I performed once in a club and I was chased off stage while performing it.” He said

He quit music with a perception that it was for failures and drug addicts. “That belief is changed now” he says.

He started freelance production at Emidan studios in Kisaasi. It is from there that he joined Fire records, buddies production that he left and started his own studio called Shot gun studios in Makindye.

Nessim is one of the artistes’ favorite producers though he never went to school to learn the craft. Asked if he ever saw himself in studio, he responds.

“I never imagined myself in studio though at some point I admired the work of producers. I started observing whatever was being done and copied.

Nessim believes that there is no fake music because people have got different tastes and preferences.

He believes the only obstacle prohibiting Ugandan music from reaching the heights is poor management and promotion.

He has so far produced hit songs like Bankuza, Eva, Chips na Ketchup, Tune the replay,Bbiri Bbiri, Malaika and many more.

He has groomed and he is still grooming many producers.




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