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One on one  with Moses Matovu


One on one  with Moses Matovu

A Muslim and music legend who started his career church

Music legend Moses Matovu

Music legend Moses Matovu

You cannot count Ugandas most influential music figures and fail to mention Moses Matovu. He is one of the founders and current front man of the legendary Afrigo band.

A great musician, composer, saxophonist, Mosess’ passion for music and band does not see him leave the industry any time soon as he believes most of the artistes he has trained cannot sustain his legacy.

Born 70 years ago to the late Abdallah Bukenya bin Adam and Solome Nakitto in Kawempe, Matovu started music at age 4 as chorister in Namirembe Cathedral choir where he always followed his mother who used to sing in the choir.

He went to Namirembe primary and Kibuli Secondary school for his junior one and junior two.

He officially started music as a vocalist in the Thunderbirds Band in 1967. He later joined Police Band in 1968 and Cranes band in 1969 where he moved and together with his friends Je Sewava, Anthony Kyeyune, Fred Luyombya, Paul Serumaga, Paddy Nsubuga, Geoffrey Kizito and Charles Sekyanzi formed the famous Afrigo Band in 1975.

Over the years, Afrigo band has maintained a character of owning a signature sound played from multi instruments. Much as they last released a musical album twenty years back, their music still stands out and the band holds special seats in the hearts of lovers of music both young and old.

Moses says there is no plan of changing the Afrigo sound because they grew with the music and the industry as well. They fuse their sound with other genres like reggae so as it to keep it relevant and up to date.

He also advises that it is of great benefit for a musician to also be an instrumentalist as it helps him/her perform multiple tasks and also stay relevant in the industry.

Matovu says music is like fashion and its growth can be fully witnessed as many people are joining the industry every now and then. However, he says it takes more than talent for one to survive in the industry as one needs hard work and discipline.

With the high invasion of technology, the multitasked legend believes a performer who does live music is better compared to another because in live music lays the real art.

He is a true devote of music as he plays multiple roles and feels that many of those he has trained have failed to live up to the standards set for the band.

Recently, Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi recognized Moses Matovu and honored him with the title SIR. Matovu also revealed that he was at one time a play mate of the Kabaka at a football pitch which he did not reveal.

Hytham Ssali Muserebende a musician says Matovu is a perfectionist, humble and disciplined to the extent that he accords respect to each and everyone regardless of where they come from. He adds that Moses is one of a kind as he is always ready to render a helping hand to fellow artistes.

Sofie Gombya, president of the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) has worked with Matovu almost throughout her career. She says he accords respect to every client and his services are exceptional. He respects his career and all those in the industry but his shoes are too big for anyone to fit. She said





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