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How Myco’s roots has inspired his concert


How Myco’s roots has inspired his concert

You must have been wondering why United Kingdom’s based singer Myco Chris decided to hold a concert in Uganda.

Well, musician Myco Chris has revealed it all.

During a live interview, Myco said that he is holding such a concert to give back to children who are lacking as he once was in a similar situation as them.

Myco also reaveled that his father denied him his birth right when he was just months claiming he (Chris) was not his child. His father’s denial opened doors for untold suffering for him and his mother that almost tempted his mother to give him away.

Chris said that he felt Charity is worth after realising that his mother spent almost all the money he sent her on paying the less privelaged’s school fees.

Myco Chris’ concert is to happen on 2nd-August-2019



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