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Akogo Festival to Plant over 10,000 Trees in Teso


Akogo Festival to Plant over 10,000 Trees in Teso

Tree Planting

Tree Planting

By the end of the 2019, the 11 districts that make up Teso sub region will be covered with eleven thousand newly planted trees, Emmanuel Edulu, one of the directors of the Akogo Festival, has revealed.

Edulu told The Sunrise that Akogo had partnered with the National Forestry Authority (NFA) towards restore of a greener environment in Teso.

“This year’s theme is ‘Celebrating Iteso Culture for Mindset Transformation in Greening Teso.’ We have already received a letter from the NFA confirming that they are going to provide us with the seedlings and guidelines on how to plant them,” Edulu said.

Edulu added that as far as reviving culture is concerned, Akogo festival had mad great achievements.

“The major aim was restoring our lost culture. This has been realized in the two years of 2017 and 2018 there for this year we decided to create an impact to the society by planting trees in Teso sub region,” he said

Working with communities, Akogo is expecting to plant at least 1000 trees per district.

“This time we don’t want to just play music and go away. We want the society to feel Akogo as per our theme,” he said

Participating districts include Palisa, Bukedea, Kumi, Ngora, Katakwi, Amuria, Serere, Tororo, Kaberamaido, Kaberabyong and Soroti.

He said scarcity of firewood had forced people to cut down trees in the area. “The Project shall include tree species that cater for wood,” he added.

Edulu said they were expecting to plant trees in gazetted areas of the NFA, schools, Sub County headquarters and people’s individual lands through agreements.

This annual festival officially started in 2017, under the oversight of five directors. These include Emanuel Edulu, Polycap Engole Manase, Peter Adaku, Ann Odoi and Hannington Partrick Owere.

Edulu Emanuel said that this year Akogo shall be moved to eleven different districts. “This year, each district shall host Akogo festival day of culture” he said.

Meanwhile, ICU has honoured five people for their contribution to national development. Among them is former Uganda Broadcasting Corporation veteran radio journalist, Mr. John Peter Onebe, who received a plaque for his good service to the nation. It was presented to him by the Uganda People’s Congress Chairman,  Lawrence Okae.




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