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King Saha, faded artists rule at UMA nominations


King Saha, faded artists rule at UMA nominations

King Saha caused a stampede with a mega procession to the recent nominations for UMA President

If there was one practical thing that the artists should applaud the Uganda Musicians Association for, is the fact that its general elections does not call for active musicians only.

Artists are set to elect their next team of leaders and in the due course; nominated artists are carrying out their campaigns within the industry.

The official day for candidate’s nomination was Monday 11, and was brightened with grand entrances; resurface of long lost faces, funny yet fulfilling manifestos and side taking among journalists.

The exercise started two hours late with singer George William Kigozi aka Geostedy who was duly nominated to contest for the position of treasurer formerly held by big eye. Geostedy’s entrance was blocked by journalists who first held him for over ten minutes for a quick interview. Like a polite and calm man he is, he went through all the steps from registering to presenting a list of artists seconding him, up the nomination desk where he was announced by UMA electoral commission chairperson, Geofffrey Ekongot.

While Emma Carlos, the MC of the day was asking journalists not to block artists for interviews, the sound of whistles, cars and motorcycle beeps headlined the moment. King Saha, one of the artists interested in the UMA presidential seat, was making a grand entrance. The DJ tuned his winner song.

Saha was in company of Spice Diana who also happened to be his driver for the occasion, followed by Roden Y Kabako and Feffe Bussi , bouncers and a group of motorcyclists on their motorbikes clad in reflector jackets with Spice Diana name and chipper cash engraved on them.

Before everyone knew it, media personnel Isaac Katende alias Kasuku was on the microphone hyping Saha, his favorite candidate for UMA presidency.

It was a show moment for Saha as his three musician escorts, journalists, bloggers and revelers joined him at the registration tables. Many of them were however blocked by the Uganda National Cultural Center (UNCC) security operators.

It was at this moment when legendary Kadongo Kamu artist Fred Ssebatta came to the venue. The MC asked the DJ to recognize Ssebatta by playing one of his songs, something Kasuku defied by ordering the DJ to play Saha’s music until five minutes after the latter left the place. The DJ obeyed. Kasuku also threatened to handle anyone thinking of participating in electoral fraud.

In his manifesto, Saha addressed himself as the Uganda Musicians Association president ready to serve, unite all artists and also help legitimize their music business.

While leaving the podium, Saha left with almost all journalists to an extent that Nabwami Winnie, Kadongo kamu music female representative, had to wait a few minutes for them to come back for her to present her manifesto.

Nabwami was followed by Fred SSebatta who was contesting for all Kadongo Kamu artists’ representatives.

In Ssebatta’s speech, he called for equal treatment of all artists claiming that kadongo kamu musicians are not given the respect they deserve. He however warned that he would leave his leadership role once he realizes that there is no transparency.

Ras Dee of the musege fame came in for the dancehall nomination. He was saddened when very few journalists attended to him while he was delivering his manifesto.

It was not before long when Kalifa Aganaga joined the queue contesting for the vice presidency. Aganaga asked his competitors to join him instead since they are on the same cause and he is the more suitable candidate.

After his departure, Allan Hendrix Ssali also came in for the same position. He was escorted by blogger Isma and motor mouthed Wisdom Kaye. Isma was telling whoever who cared to listen that Aganaga had come for a prefectorial position not a seat on the UMA leading team.

While Saha attracted the biggest crowd, Cindy was also the media’s favorite because besides the hype, a group of them hit the podium and started dancing to her music as they waited for her to finish the entire nomination process.

She asked for musicians’ support to execute all the plans her team had started on to benefit the industry.

Other contestants that got nominated included; Irene Kusiima, Hanson Baliruno and Daddy Andre for vice presidency, Phina Mugerwa & Sewa Sewa , Omukunja Atasera and Allan Toniks for General Secretary, Chagga for treasurer, Irene Namatovu for Women, Babarah for Youth , Junjju Isma AKA Jajja Galaba for Youth and Nakisige Shamim AKA Nakiss for Youth, Vampino and Master Parrot for Dancehall music, Sarah Zawedde and Ronald Mayinja for band music and Lanec for gospel music.



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