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Kabaka to Grace Ssemakula’s VVIP Bwagamba Launch


Kabaka to Grace Ssemakula’s VVIP Bwagamba Launch

Mesearch Ssemakula

Mesach Ssemakula

Mesach Ssemakula is one of the most outstanding Ugandan artistes, at least in Band music. His relevance has not only been noticed through his mature lyrical rhymes but also through praises from those he has got in touch with or helped.

That aside, his character and messages have won him the title of Sir from the Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi. He has also received assurance from the kingdom that the Kabaka will grace his VVIP Bwagamba Experience show on June 14.

Sunrise’ Fahad Kasibante spoke to him ahead of the concert about his journey in music.

Ssemakula was born to the late Fredrick Ssewalu and Mariam Nalubega of Buwaate. He was at Kira and Wankulukuku primary schools for his primary, and Kampala Secondary and Kololo High School for secondary. He proceeded with music.

Compared to other artistes who started music in their early life, the Golden Papa never engaged himself in music to early as he always thought singing was for girls. He only picked interest in music in Form Two after watching the late Umar Katumba receive accolades for being a great artiste and student of Kololo High School.

In 1993, Mesach, Geoffrey Lutaaya, Fred Sekamatte, Fred Serugga and the late Fred Maiso joined Katumba. That very year Katumba died in an accident, living the young artistes to find their way into professional music and survival.

Not ready to give up on music, Semakula, Lutaaya and Sekamatte organised and formed their first group the ‘GIbros’ and it was from the Gibros that they joined Diamond Productions of Kato Lubwama.

Asked how he balanced music and school, Mesach had this to say:

“I had to leave school while I was in form five. Father had stopped paying my fees and had chased me away from home. I remember sleeping at Bat Valley Theatre for six months without anyone’s knowledge. “

Mesach and his friends left Diamod Production to focus more on music as Kato Lubwama had shown much more interest in drama. They formed Eagles Production between 1999 and 2000

Asked on how they managed to achieve all they have in Music, the Kyalimpa artiste revealed that they released and sold albums.

“People no longer focus on talents. They focus on money. Our songs used to get power play minus our efforts but today, you either inject in some money or follow media personalities up and down for a song to get played,” he said. Ssemakula says he writes 98 percent of his music.

Since Eagles Production had proved its relevance in the industry, Kasibante asked Mesach what separated them after all those years.

“Like any other business, Eagles management got misunderstandings but I thank God the band had lived all that time. People work together for 2-3 years and we lived for more than ten years.”




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